C'est exactement ce que diraient une organisation impliquée dans un complot 🤔

Thinkerview qui verse encore dans le 🤪🤪 pour faire des vues.

Il y a encore des étonnés ?

Vraiment déçu par ceux que je respecte et qui se laissent prendre au jeu.

Putting into perspective the amount of information stored...

Stasi versus NSA - opendatacity.github.io/stasi-v

I want what Bobek had for breakfast the day he wrote this opinion:

“Indeed, if the future judicial prose of this Court is to look like a Kafka novel, then why not embrace some of Kafka’s positive literary elements as well?”


Nouvel outil pour limiter les méfaits sur le web

JShelter: Home - jshelter.org/

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I'm thrilled about the coding competition and honored to be part of it as jury member. If you're 14-18y and would like to partecipate check out yh4f.org

Application deadline is 2021-10-31 (but you'll then have time until end of March 2022 for the actual coding).

Good luck!

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Trust is one of the most important currencies in this pandemic. I cannot understand why #RKI and #IBM are keeping the source code of the current version secret and thereby giving reason for mistrust github.com/Digitaler-Impfnachw #nt


Tintin est-il au journalisme ce qu'Indiana Jones est à l'archéologie ?

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Last month the Netherlands passed #RouterFreedom into law: all ISPs must let customers choose their own Internet hardware and still provide tech support at no extra cost. That little box is your home-internet gatekeeper, and now in NL it can work for you fsfe.org/news/2021/news-202108

@ao we're still far from a proper Constitutional Court in France I can assure you

@remotestorage @raucao I love this about the remote storage concept. This is how to make the web sustainable for user data.

@belette @vlp et si c'est pas un immeuble haussmannien ? 🤔

@hugo Visiblement le fait que j'habite dans le seul immeuble sans FttH dans les environs continue de faire bien marrer certains... 😟

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«Et donc, tu vis à Lacombe, le hameau perdu au fin fond du trou du cul du plateau de millevaches, aux confins des 3 départements du Limousin, t'as 1000x plus de débit qu'Hugo à Montmartre et je trouve ça beau»

@mxmehl @hugo basically I'm looking for Twidere but for desktop

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