Blanche Gardin nous parle de Twitter, c’est très drôle et assez juste, et ça m’a rappelé ce billet à propos de liberté d’expression et droit à l’oubli.

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Uh..... @dell do you test your laptops before selling them?! Got these on First Boot! Have just had the chance to set language and user name... Cc @canonical @ubuntu

C'est quand même légèrement l'impression d'être nargué par ce soleil incroyable qui prédomine en ce moment !

Ce truc a de quoi faire tourner du python et a du bluetooth low energy. Je suis prêt pour le techno solutionnisme!

Trois degrés ?! Mais enfin c'est plus froid que tout ce qu'on a eu cet hiver à Paris ?!

Making IT security a strategic topic for @fsfe - thanks to @mxmehl for taking this issue forward! Following up from last year's definition of priorities

And just now, the unanimously elected @kirschner as @fsfe President, for his 3rd term!

Thanks to Linux Hotel in Essen for hosting the @fsfe GA! Interesting decorum ;-)

Lots of events all over Europe during the year for @fsfe !

Building a better Internet, for openness, inclusivity, protection of data, privacy... @fsfe will help make sure software is released under free sw (aka open source) licenses !

The @fsfe GA starts with a presentation of Software Freedom in Europe (preview of the yearly report!)

Starting with a nice success in Germany: cc @federationfdn

Marcel Duchamp is not dead.

Aujourd'hui rue de Ponthieu (Paris)

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