étonnant, pour moi ça donne plus ou moins ça, quel que soit le client

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Je suis allé à La Mecque des Pouchleiens et vu quelques @beautifulpints

4. OK. Maybe Place d'Italie is a special case.

Let's try "Châtelet".

Châtelet is like the epicenter of urban Paris. In accordance with the pure Jacobinist Paris-centric tradition of France, that's where 80% of metro lines meet.

These are the results.

None of these "Châtelet" places are in Paris.

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Place d'Italie is the kind of place that you should be able to find easily.

It is in a major urban area (Paris).
It has metro and bus stations, bike sharing points, etc.
It has businesses, cafés, restaurants, etc.

Yet. This is what I get in the Map app, including the fill list of results. And no option maybe to get more results or provide feedback on the results.

I really don't understand how that's possible and can't believe this is an exceptional case. This is my regular user experience.

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2. I search for the place that I want to go to. Place d'Italie.

For reference, here's what a search query on OSM provides: openstreetmap.org/search?query

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So, here's my use case. I am at home and I want to take my bike to go some place across the city.

1. I open the Map app. I think it's probably opening on this space (around where I live), because I checked this out before. So far so good I guess.

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Dear @gnome devs

I support your work and I enjoy using Gnome shell. I like that you try new things and have so many releases.

But sometimes, I am really puzzled by some of the "major" apps which are simply useless even for a basic use.

Let's take the Map app, which is one of three apps prominently shown on the landing page of gnome.org

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I am in the US right now (roaming on 4G), but still get a GDPR wall.

Wtf @nydailynews

Idriss Muhammad's rendition of Power of Soul is definitely the soundtrack of . I am hearing it everywhere. Now at Roberta's pizza


Lyrics for live concerts in Spotify
Well that was unexpected 😆

For the HP Touchpad / WebOS nerds out there, how to fix a bricked HP Touchpad and restore WebOS: hroy.eu/tips/webos-touchpad-re

C'est exactement ce que diraient une organisation impliquée dans un complot 🤔

La seule appli qui me dit : vous n'avez pas de navigateur web installé sur votre appareil (et donc ne me permet pas de me connecter)


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