Funny thing. I registered here without reading the ToS. that data retention policy is... interesting.

Considering how statute of limitations are much shorter for publications, I really don't see the point (in France but I assume it's true in many countries).

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@hugo Well.

The point is this are the terms of the main instance.

I'm planning to use a modified version of Mastodon to fix that issues, as I'm personnaly against saving users' IP addresses.

@TheKinrar yes I see this is a case of terms reuse not actually reflectin the practice :-) I expected that ;-)

@TheKinrar good to hear. Let me know if you need help with legal aspects.

@hugo if you can help I'll be really pleased :)

I don't have sufficient knowledge about legal aspects of data retention

@TheKinrar where is this instance operated from and where is it hosted?

@TheKinrar (enfin parfait - je peux t'aider - mais le droit français en l'occurrence est pas très respectueux des droits et libertés :disappointed_relieved:

@hugo oui je sais bien..

Mais si je me contente de l'héberger autre part ça ne suffit pas il me semble non ?

@hugo voilà, et je vais pas déménager en Islande pour pouvoir gérer mon instance en tout respect de la vie privée :x

Bon, ceci dit, tu sais me dire quelles sont mes obligations légales ici du coup ? ^^

@hugo Isn't that required by law in the EU? They may not have a choice.

@hugo Why would they do that then? It seems like a lot of effort for something that is not legally required. Maybe they have the end of the stick (like me), and *think* it is a legal requirement. Have you asked them?

@Bro666 ask who? These are copy/paste from other terms. Without context, difficult to have an idea what the original rationale was.

@Bro666 the terms for will probably change on this /cc @TheKinrar

@hugo @Bro666 It's required in france. Must save IP addresses for one year.

@TheKinrar Coucou, je pensais faire la meme chose que toi mais depuis la version 1.1.2 je n'arrive pas a lier ip/user/action grâce aux logs... peux tu me dire comment tu fais cela ? Merci ;)

@TheKinrar @hugo @Bro666 1 year as you just said, not 5 years as stated in your data retention policy…

@hugo @Bro666 @devnull I know. I have to change this.

Just that this is quite boring as this is directly in the view, but yep I know, I have to do that.

@TheKinrar Well done @hugo. I should stop accepting abusive clauses as normal. Thanks for the wake up call.

@Bro666 @hugo I responded here already, howevrer I'm a little bit restrained by French law and have to save IP addresses for one year

@TheKinrar @hugo Yes, I appreciate that. Thank you for trying to make things better, however.

@hugo apparemment ça vient du ToS par défaut, gargon en avait besoin à l'époque jesaispluspourquoi ™ et il a dit assez vite après l'arrivé des Français que c'était outdated et que ça changera

@hugo that's why I waited and registered at :D #quadraturedunet

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