Dear @gnome devs

I support your work and I enjoy using Gnome shell. I like that you try new things and have so many releases.

But sometimes, I am really puzzled by some of the "major" apps which are simply useless even for a basic use.

Let's take the Map app, which is one of three apps prominently shown on the landing page of

(thread follows)

So, here's my use case. I am at home and I want to take my bike to go some place across the city.

1. I open the Map app. I think it's probably opening on this space (around where I live), because I checked this out before. So far so good I guess.

2. I search for the place that I want to go to. Place d'Italie.

For reference, here's what a search query on OSM provides:

Place d'Italie is the kind of place that you should be able to find easily.

It is in a major urban area (Paris).
It has metro and bus stations, bike sharing points, etc.
It has businesses, cafés, restaurants, etc.

Yet. This is what I get in the Map app, including the fill list of results. And no option maybe to get more results or provide feedback on the results.

I really don't understand how that's possible and can't believe this is an exceptional case. This is my regular user experience.


3. But I'm glad that I'm able to enter emojis as search queries

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4. OK. Maybe Place d'Italie is a special case.

Let's try "Châtelet".

Châtelet is like the epicenter of urban Paris. In accordance with the pure Jacobinist Paris-centric tradition of France, that's where 80% of metro lines meet.

These are the results.

None of these "Châtelet" places are in Paris.

I understand my feedback may sound mean or harsh.

But I don't know where to start any constructive criticism here.

Am I the only one for whom this Map app is completely useless?

@hugo Is the query "châtelet paris" retrieving better results?

@im i made some variations
Will try this one

@im Yes. "Châtelet Paris" giving the right results.

@hugo A think I don't understand at all in GTK4, that I like much beside of this, is the small size of the search bar in the middle of the window, this is a very anti-user feature.

@popolon I don't understand your comment. I like having most of the interface actually showing the map, that's what i'm looking for.

Plenty of space in the search bar for entering queries and it's in a place where i immediately see it.

@hugo I mean, the search bar in top, have a search field that is only 1/3 width of the empty bar, not about coverying the map.

@popolon Why would you want full width? You would lose the benefit of a centered element easy to spot, and you don't need that much space for these search queries. Anyway, compared to not having search results at all your issue seem very minor. Not very interested in pursuing this to improve Gnome Apps and provide feedback to the devs.

Do you think it is hard to find url bar in a web browser? This is a GTK4 non-feature, in all appications, including file browser (you can only see a part of the path then).

Agree with you when you compare to not having result.

@popolon The comparison has its limits. The URL bar is many things in the browser (and needs more space because URL can be very long in many cases).

That said, the URL bar in my Firefox is the same as in Gnome Maps: not full width and centered.

From a quick search online: same in Safari, same in Chrome OS.

"The comparison has its limits. The URL bar is many things in the browser (and needs more space because URL can be very long in many cases). "

that was I said for paths.
A fashion of short centered search to reduce fast vision of what is in the request don't mean it is useful. The sameway After Mac OSX introduced ugly 3D like reflecting things all designer would like to make the same (LxDE still has this ugliness in main bar today). This was the opposite of any ergonomic basic, where more contrast means easier to see.
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