#Signal turning into a crypto-ponzi currency scheme?



That Signal:
- isn't really free/libre software (as Moxie denied freedom to redistribute modified version)
- would *never* federate (political choice of centralization)
- updated server software wasn't published
- invaded people's phonebooks
- runs on Amazon+NSA's infrastructure
- is virtually impossible to use out of Google's infrastructure -
- etc.

...didn't seem to be enough to alarm Signal users.

@jz Sadly for regular people, it's the only option beyond whatsapp

It's basically the only one with a clean UI and E2EE that is on google play afaik


I dont believe in the myth of "regular people":

- it's elitist and classist, and used by tech-elite to justify not doing efforts to teach; denying others' agency and ability to learn;

- it's wrong: i have witnessed 100s of journos and activists just LEARN "complicated" technology (tails+OTR+GPG, etc.);

- it justifies to take decision FOR the users, assuming that all face the same risk;

- it negates the political nature of tech choices, reading them only from comfort/easy angle.

@jz: I don’t believe in it either.

However, I believe in: everyone has 24 hours in a day and most people (i.e. who are not born in an ultra-privileged environment) need to spend time in things to get on with their lives and do what actually interests them. That allocation of their time will depend on many variables. The level of geekiness/nerdiness will impact the choice they make. Turns out, you and I have rather high levels of such. Most don’t. Why?

@hugo fully agreed!

i had quite some privilege, including:
* early access to a computer when it wasn't so common
* access to teachers who would really stimulate the curiosity of kids

I have no universal recipe, but i think that
1/ sharing the privilege and using it to enable others to get same levels of access
2/ stimulating curiosity in collective ways
3/ political framing showing everyone's own interests in learning

=> better than waiting for some saviour/company to do the job for us

@jz True. Problem is: nobody was waiting. There has been countless projects for this.

The truth is, Signal did it first and better than anyone else at the right time... And still now is probably the best solution considering the above.

I have tried alternatives. Even for the nerd that I am they were too much

@jz I feel that, if we had more (not less) consideration for users who are not huge nerds, maybe the community would have brought something like signal.

Do you remember when signal introduced groups and multiple devices? Xmpp and OTR with popular clients like pidgin were barely working at all.


@jz meanwhile WhatsApp was already going to a billion registered users...

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