Hey people. Listening to an individuals presenting themselves as victims doesn't require you to suspend thinking and believe everything you read on the internet. Don't choose sides to stories you know absolutely nothing about.


And... come on. Before retweeting evidenceless allegations of systematic *anything* maybe try to look at what the alleged perpetrators are doing on this space.

@hugo I can't say anything about the accusations and I don't want to. But what bothers me: It's not enough to write down our values. We've to make it transparent that we live our values. Equal pay for equal work, and empathy in dealing with people. And that the #FSFE is struggling to have equal representation in all positions and not to be satisfied with the fact that the best candidate is white and male. Otherwise, we will never break down outdated ways of thinking.

@datenteiler aye

What do you suggest we do concretely? Lay out a plan - this requires more than tweets and short messages.

These talks, I have heard them countless times from within the organisation. We are not diverse. We are not representative of the population. That's true. But we are inclusive and very careful about it. How many orgs you know have a CARE team that actually has enforced a CoC? How many have our recruitment policy to expressly favour under represented groups?

@datenteiler we can always point pitfalls and things that we can do better. But at this stage, general comments don't help us: we are already doing all of that.

Fixing these issues is very very hard, and (not pointing at you) but taking tweet lessons from people all day who have never managed an organisation... Well it's tiring.

Your messages feel more constructive so I hope you hear that we need people to get involved with more concrete plans and actions to be serious about improving things

@hugo I feel your frustration. These are the battles we have to fight. I know that the FSFE is doing this, and that it is not easy and for many it will never be enough, but this is the only way to evolve.

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