If you want to abolish copyright you're basically saying that artists shouldn't be paid
"you can still support artists you like"

Yeah because we all know how well voluntary contributions work out
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@piggo copyright laws are shit but copyright as a concept has a purpose
@karen @piggo it should just be a lot shorter and not perpetually renewable.
@piggo @karen I'm on the fence about patents. They should definitely be easier to invalidate.
@moonman @karen imo patents (shorter) are ok but I would require a demonstrable proof of implementation / product when applying for one. now everyone just hoards vague nonsense patents to sue
@piggo @karen apple patented slide to unlock but I found a precedent.

You shouldn't be able to just add "on a computer" to create a new patent.

@moonman @karen @piggo @sir isn't the Apple patent you refer to a "design" patent (as opposed to a "utility" patent)? They're not the same, have different scope of restrictions, etc.

@hugo @karen @piggo @sir
It's a utility patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US8046721B2/en

Anyway if a design patent has utility it can be still potentially be invalidated by a utility patent.

@moonman @karen @piggo @sir <facepalm /> after so many years, stupid granted patents still surprise me…

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