The specs are out

I would totally buy this, but the 5.65-inch display makes me hesitate!

It seems impossible these days to find a decently recent Android within 4.8-inch displays... Anything bigger is just not as comfortable - look at this picture, this person can barely reach the middle of the screen; and no one is holding a phone like that for use.

@Fairphone I wish you success, and hope that next time we'll have smaller options.

I suppose you can still think about buying an older Fairphone2, as it still can be useful.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold @hugo @Fairphone I have a Fairphone 2, I'm pretty happy with it but it is a little bit on the large size too at 5".

@hugo there are of course other options.

For one, ANY second-hand phone is a "green" phone in that regard. Re-buying already used stuff does not contribute to suffering of workers.

Secondly, Fairphone is not the only brand with these etics out there, take for example They also come with an android image without bloat (similar to fairphones) and developers help to maintain lineageOS builds for their devices

@JayVii_de ha.... the smallest is 5-inch. This is still too big honestly :(

@hugo I am not into the trend of huge phones either. To be cynically, it's not long until we all walk around like those elderly ppl that take pictures with their iPads :P

Personally, 5" is just the upper end of what I am comfortable with, anything bigger is just frustrating. I'd be into a smaller device too.

Maybe ping me (if you still remember by then), when you find such a device :)

@JayVii_de well, i currently have a Samsung A3 but... there's no LineageOS (yet)

@JayVii_de and of course, it's samsung so it's not satisfying for any of the relevant things that one'd want a fairphone for

@hugo I am currently running a BQ Aquaris X5 (unfortunately no further maintained by LOS since 2017, which is still is relatively good shape. So I won't be in need for a new phone for the next 2 years, I hope.

Maybe I should actually looking into building an 16.0 image myself. They do have rough instructions on that. Ultimately, I really want to move away from Android altogether, however

@hugo @Fairphone the #Fairphone 3 is not really bigger than the Fairphone 2. It's only 13 mm longer, but in width 27 mm smaller and 7 mm thinner

@docloy @hugo @Fairphone yes, display size - i.e. the internation area - is bigger than fairphone2 which was already in the large area (and too big for many).

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