The specs are out

I would totally buy this, but the 5.65-inch display makes me hesitate!

It seems impossible these days to find a decently recent Android within 4.8-inch displays... Anything bigger is just not as comfortable - look at this picture, this person can barely reach the middle of the screen; and no one is holding a phone like that for use.

@Fairphone I wish you success, and hope that next time we'll have smaller options.

I suppose you can still think about buying an older Fairphone2, as it still can be useful.

@poorpocketsmcnewhold @hugo @Fairphone I have a Fairphone 2, I'm pretty happy with it but it is a little bit on the large size too at 5".

@hugo @Fairphone the #Fairphone 3 is not really bigger than the Fairphone 2. It's only 13 mm longer, but in width 27 mm smaller and 7 mm thinner

@docloy @hugo @Fairphone yes, display size - i.e. the internation area - is bigger than fairphone2 which was already in the large area (and too big for many).

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