No matter what computer I use, this is how I start. I find this oddly comforting.

While I thought my original eshell prompt was pretty fancy, I was inspired by what I just read in the *Emacs News* to supersize mine.

See code here:

The PDX Emacs Hackers met the other night to create a breadcrumb project for . Here is what happened:

While I'm not overly verbose on social networks, I see that an is in order.

I talk about technology, especially and , and program in a variety of langs, including , , , , ,

I like to read about , especially , .

I like to consider myself a of tiny using and ... and I like to play games, like ...

I may be fully geek buzzword compliant.

After creating the smallest machine, which would have worked well if I was Tom Thumb ... my project rebuild (with larger text) is complete.

Heard the following quote by Marla Briel at : "computers are easy; people are hard."


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