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Taiwan Digital Minister Audrey Tang talking on open government at Open Day

Today at , checking out some features for DebConf video and thinking about a partitioning layout language of sorts.

Been a crazy week, getting ready to leave for Taiwan tomorrow morning for DebConf18!

I'm in Rwanda for the week upgrading an Ubuntu 14.04 centre to Debian 9 and implementing a few new things at AIMS Rwanda. Going well so far.

Heading to Rwanda, and I didn't make the videos I was going to for next week due to bike riding this week (I needed it though).

Today I updated the package calamares to version 3.2.1 in Debian unstable. Upstream changelog:

Today I updated the package gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel to version 15 (from version 14) in Debian unstable. Just a bunch of minor upstream fixes.

Debian Package of the Day #51 is byobu, a wrapper that adds some extra features to screen and tmux which we looked at in episode 48.

Debian Package of the Day #50 is yakuake and tilda, two drop-down terminal emulators inspired by the Quake game terminal.

While public solutions like Whatsapp or Telegram might encrypt content, they and whomever monitors them still can see who you communicated with and when. With Talk meta data never leaves your server.

Debian Package of the Day #49 is terminology, an advanced terminal emulator from the enlightenment project.

Debian Package of the Day #48 is screen and tmux, both of which are text-based terminal multiplexers.

Debian Package of the Day #47 is terminator & tilix, two different but very similar graphical terminal multiplexers.

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