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Reading Reddit: Free software so good you can't believe it's free and Microsoft's packaging blunder.

Debian Package of the Day #42 is inxi, a tool that prints system information in your shell or IRC session.

Debian Package of the Day #41 is toot, a utility that lets interact with a mastodon instance from the command line.

Debian Package of the Day #40 is qrencode, a utility that can encode text to a qrcode in an image, or directly print it to standard output.

So, what's your favourite terminal emulator? And more importantly, why?

Debian Package of the Day #39 is minetest, a 3d sandboxing game where you can mine and build stuff, and build additional games.

If you already thought that was cool, and you use tor, then you'll probably be happy to hear that you can now access that service on the tor network:

Debian Package of the Day #37 is whohas, a utility that can show you which distributions contains a package along with its version -

Debian Package of the Day #36 is xonsh, a shell that combines a traditional shell with Python -

Just finished a test call for a new series on my video channel. Very excited :-D

Debian Package of the Day #35 is dateutils, a set of tools that can make life much easier when you have to deal with dates in you shell scripts. -

Uploaded gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-panel 14 to Debian - New upstream version and fixes packaging issue reported on github

Debian Package of the Day #33 is flameshot - a simple yet powerful screenshot capture tool for linux -

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