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Debian Package of the Day #32 is friendly-recovery - which aims to provide a friendlier recovery environment -

Debian Package of the Day #31 is gnome-shell-extension-dash-to-dock - a gnome shell extension that combines your top panel and dock -

Mini DebConf in Hamburg is happening this weekend, you can follow the live stream, web player and links available on debconf-video-team.pages.debia

Debian Package of the Day #30 is cappuccino - a tool that can help you look busy in a cubicle and rmadison, a tool that gives you some useful information about a package -

Debian Package of the Day #29 is sgt-puzzles - a collection of 39 puzzles written by Simon Tatham

Debian Package of the Day #28 is sweethome3d - software that allows you to design a home and plan layout and explore it in 3d -

I packaged these tmux themes for Debian: - got accepted today in unstable, package name 'tmux-themepack-jimeh'

Debian Package of the Day #27 is mtr-tiny - a tool that combines the functionality of the 'traceroute' and 'ping' programs -

Holy shit, that was a boring ass-vulnerability. Shame on EFF for being scary, and HTML email is Satan. We Told You So(tm)

Yay, toot is now accepted into unstable. That was quick, thanks ftp-team :)

Trying out toot, a command line mastodon client that I'm packageing for Debian.

I'm really enjoying the Expanding Mind podcast with Eric Davis. This episode about how Facebook exploits people's emotional state in order to sell them ads is particularly relevant currently. Lots of other good episodes as well!

I revived package of the day on my youtube channel, just finished off season 1 and started working on season 2 based on the feedback!

Realised today I haven't used mastodon in a while, I quite Facebook last week so that should help :)

GPL (GNU Public Limerick)

This code can be changed on your end,
So long as you do not amend
This licensing verse,
For better or worse,
If it to the 'Net you should send.

So it turns out the motd system also asks for some info about the users systems. And of course, it's all opt-out without the user ever being informed about what's going on.

Heh @ users complaining about Silicon Valley ads in MOTD. You should really just move over to already!

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