@berkes Wow you're lucky if your projects reach 90% before that happens!

@dansup I'm glad you dropped the "the" from thepixelfed, so much cleaner.

@rhonda It's like this song, deep down we all want compliments and even feel a little entitled to them, but when we get them it's like a total shock to the system youtube.com/watch?v=zi8ShAosqz

@algernon Hey it's not my fault the stuff you want lines up so nicely with Debian

@algernon Heh, getting more RISC-V hardware into the hands of DDs is part of my goals for DPL *wink* *wink*

@switchingsocial I keep telling creators who complain about the algorythms about this, glad I'm not the only one! :)

@art Oh my word I was just thinking about the langoliers this afternoon!

@algernon No problemo, I read your last non-platform and was happy to see that life is good for you!

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