Liberal crime squad is real fun, check it out if you haven't already.

Newsflash: all social media is cancer, even the free/libre ones.

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Just noticed that Ever Globe, an identical sister ship to Ever Given, is about to head through the same stretch of canal going the other way and I am praying for them to do the funniest thing of all time

Is there a good tusky alternative for Android?

Americans please don't forget to donate some of your money to free software foundation to ensure a future where users freedoms are respected. A small donation rather than a funkopop goes a long way.

I urge every stalker fan to check out openxray

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Eulogies in 2090 be like:
"A great aunt and a great brother Tyler Ledasha took a major L today."

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Raspberry Pi Pocket Cloud Server

a portable NAS devices powered by a build in battery with its own WiFi AP and storage pools.

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