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Achievement unlocked: fixed a bug in the core logic of @haiku's kernel thread scheduler, which provided a nice 10% performance boost in some benchmarks (and fixed a recent whole-system-hang regression) 😀

For those looking for more options to donate, it is now possible to transfer funds to Haiku, Inc. through a SEPA Bank Transfer, via @Liberapay.

June was a big month for Haiku: in addition to the previously-mentioned 802.11ac WiFi drivers, there's also improved support for RNDIS, 2TiB+ USB disks, and lots more.

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From extrowerk: screenshots of 802.11ac-mode WiFi working on Haiku with the new drivers I ported from OpenBSD. (He tells me the speedtest server isn't just right around the corner, either :)

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Made myself a better icon for @haiku in rEFInd as the provided one wasn't based on our official logo. Submitted to rEFInd, of course. What do you think?

Looking for more ways to donate to Haiku? Now you can contribute through GitHub Sponsors!

Haiku, Inc. (the non-profit which manages the legal aspects of Haiku development) is now one of the signatories to this open letter!

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Now on the @haiku blog: a February Contract & Activity report, from me, featuring USB WiFi support, a slew of kernel fixes, and more.

As seen on the forums: Minecraft Java Edition, running on Haiku, thanks to threedeyes (and the prior work on porting the JVM)!

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Great news everyone: @haiku nightlies now have initial support for USB WiFi adapters! (Realtek devices only at present, but more should come later.) Upgrade to hrev55907+ and make sure they're plugged in before booting if you want to try it out.

Now on the blog: a January Activity & Contract Report, with some more details about the newly-available GIMP and Inkscape.

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By the way: @haiku 's first GTK3 applications, Inkscape and GIMP, are now available in the package repositories...

Once again, this month we have not one but two posts detailing Haiku in October: first an activity report from pulkomandy...

Today on the blog-o-sphere: @mmu_man delivers a long and storied post about laptops, open hardware (and the lack thereof), the new ThinkPads, and the claimed "support" for Linux that some hardware vendors (now Lenovo among them) provide.

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Last month was my first (almost) full month working full-time on @haiku. So, of course I wrote some 2900 words about what I did, and what I'm planning to do next:

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