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Once again, this month we have not one but two posts detailing Haiku in October: first an activity report from pulkomandy...

Today on the blog-o-sphere: @mmu_man delivers a long and storied post about laptops, open hardware (and the lack thereof), the new ThinkPads, and the claimed "support" for Linux that some hardware vendors (now Lenovo among them) provide.

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Last month was my first (almost) full month working full-time on @haiku. So, of course I wrote some 2900 words about what I did, and what I'm planning to do next:

Since one cannot be organized in person this year: pulkomandy announces a virtual coding sprint, from 18-31 October.

A long-requested feature landed in Haiku's development branch just hours ago: thumbnails in Tracker!

Big news: @waddlesplash has been hired by Haiku, Inc. as a full-time contractor to work on improving Haiku! Consider donating today to help fund the contract.

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woot. hrev54839 fixes playback of "large video" (4k) in @haiku I plan on pulling it to R1Beta2 as well.

Looking for more options to donate to Haiku, Inc.? Now you can set up recurring donations on Liberapay!

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Hardware & boot testing has begun for R1/beta2! Can you help us out by trying one of the builds, and reporting how @haiku functions on your hardware?

🚀 Haiku development activity has continued over the past two months–and with developers now home more often, is set to increase.

The monthly activity report for August is up. This time: Lots of stability fixes and the beginnings of an ARM64 port (!).

🚀 ICYMI: In last month's progress report: Tons of optimizations, and (finally) early support for USB audio!

In last month's progress report: Polishing, optimizations, the return of ARM, and as always, bugfixes!

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It used to be like this everywhere, but now only on @haiku : a list of all running processes with none (including the web browser and window server!) using over 65MB of RAM. (And launch_daemon's RAM usage is in the hundreds of KB!!)

It is now possible after @mmu_man 's recent work to customize control styling! Some third-party developers have already started experimenting with it...

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how to kill an application in without having to use the Terminal. Found it on the Haiku forum (via kallisti5).

The text reads:

Pro tip: Vulcan death grip

Right-Ctrl + Right-Alt + Right-Shift + Click on running Application in the Deskbar.

It’s our kill -9 in the GUI. 🙂

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