'Hackers - Wizards of the Electronic Age' mooie documentaire uit 1985 over de hackers van die tijd! Leuk om al die oude apparaten en software te zien, maar ook om de ideeรซn te horen uit die tijd. youtu.be/zOP1LNr70aU

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So the Verge article for which I wrote some thoughts about Jack Dorsey announcing #Bluesky is out and it used only a few sentences from what I came up with, so I wanna share the full thing...

I was asked, if Twitter did indeed adopt #ActivityPub instead of coming up with something new, would it be better or worse for the decentralized social web?

@dansup Not even if they want to go full on ActivityPub? ;-)

Twitter launches a new initiative for distributed social networks, interesting, hope they will use ActivityPub twitter.com/jack/status/120476

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CWI Lectures: slides now available.

Including Guido van Rossum talking on Python through the years :-)


Lijkt me een goed idee, maar dan wel een inlog/identificatiesysteem waarbij de macht bij de gebruiker ligt en niet bij ee partij die vervolgens allerlei data kan gaan combineren fd.nl/beurs/1323728/sleutelen-

Very nice Spotifyplaylist, Pete Keeley's 'a-z songs', 'only' 69 hours of music ๐Ÿ˜‰ (can we finally get that 'continue listening' feature on Spotify?) open.spotify.com/playlist/2rJv

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If I don't land any freelancer gigs this week, I might need to take a break from Pixelfed development ๐Ÿ˜”

@patrickloonstra I've used a few times myself, and this could be very interesting for a few smaller clients of mine

Interesting new WordPress plugin: Matomo Analytics for WordPress,
a full self hosted analytics solution inside your WordPress site. Not the best solution if you're managing multiple sites, but for small clients it could be a solid solution: matomo.org/blog/2019/10/matomo

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