@gvenk #Mozilla should not be trusted on #privacy. Their head of EU policy said yesterday at the Nordic Privacy Arena that they are primarily a Silicon Valley tech company, that they do not see adtech/surveillance-based behavioural advertising as a problem (and they do not) and that they are partners with Google (they are and they have gotten >$B from them and have a current deal that gets them 100s of millions of $ every year). Mozilla is a surveillance capitalist.

@aral I thought the idea behind the Shopping Guide was nice

@gvenk It is. But it matters who writes the guide. A Guide To Healthy Living is a nice idea but not if written by Philip Morris.

@aral I thought there also was some kind of EFF shopping guide, but can't find it

@gvenk Just had a glance. FFS I love Richard and the FSF folks but come the fuck on: it’s just irresponsible advice to say avoid iPhone because of spyware when the mainstream alternative _is_ spyware in the form of Google Android. *smh*

@gvenk Holy crap, it gets worse: on the page where they list the spyware that macOS allegedly comes with, the first entry is a third-party ad blocker. This is very sloppy. And it’s wrong. This does not make the FSF look good. I need to have a chat with Richard.



@aral Good chatting with Richard ;-)

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