20.04.0 is out!

The highlights include major speed improvements due to the Preview Scaling feature, New rating, tagging sorting and filtering of clips in the Project Bin for a great logging experience, Pitch shifting, Multicam editing improvements and OpenTimelineIO support. Besides all the shiny new features, this version comes with fixes for 40 critical stability issues as well as a major revamp of the user experience.

As far as I see, there are amazing features added to kdenlive. To me, sound sync, playback quality control and ability to export EDL are crucial.

But just please add key editing tools such as roll, slip and slide as well as make it easier to do L and J cut.

@gunga Oooooh! The beta of this was great. Looking forward to giving this a whirl.

Thank you, and congrats!

@gunga was on the phone with a friend who was telling me about the improvement when this popped into my feed :)

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