O Estúdio Gunga realiza em julho a oficina “Introdução ao Blender 3D”, um poderoso software livre de criação 3D. Dois dias de oficinas para aprender sobre o software, sua interface e conceitos básicos de modelagem e animação.

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TC and Layla at Casa de Cultura Tainã finished recording over the weekend the character voices for our short 3D movie Malaika. Bonus: The studio runs exclusively on free software.

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Boris is just an awesome editor of #photographs and I'm super pleased that he shares some of his technique with us! But come on people, he only has a few hundred views! He is way better than that!

Boris Hajdukovic - YouTube


#darktable #gimp #photography #HowTo #tutorial #ArtWithOpenSource

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R.I.P. Peter “mrdocs” Linnell

Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to his family, friends and the team. ❤️


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Hi folks, can any recommend a coworking space management software? It must be #FLOSS. 😃

#askmastodon #floss #freesoftware

Any video editors going to @fosdem? Drop by the @kde booth and check out the latest refactoring version. Oh, and don't forget to get your stickers.

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#Inkscape is proud to release versions 0.92.4 & 1.0 alpha of its free, professional vector graphics editor! Available now for Linux and Windows 32/64 here: inkscape.org/release/ #FLOSS #collaboration

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There goes 2018, what a year right?

With this wonderful people we'll reap joy, love and prosperity in 2019. Wish you all the same. ❤️

Another press proof approved. Color with simply never fails. Can't wait for 1.6.

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Hello fediverse! lib.reviews/ is a free/open/nonprofit alternative to proprietary review sites like #Goodreads, #Yelp, #IMDB.

It plugs into #opendata sources: #Wikidata, #OpenLibrary and #OpenStreetMap (OSM integration is very basic at this point). Still a long way to go but we have a small community and lots of reviews already. On GitHub at: github.com/eloquence/lib.revie - IRC: #lib.reviews on irc.freenode.net - Matrix: matrix.to/#/#lib.reviews:matri


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Plasma 5.13 beta is out. New things on trial in this version: Plasma browser integration, System Settings re-designs, new look for lock and login screens, and much more.


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The Kdenlive team are having an open house at Cité des sciences e l'industrie (Paris) from 4PM till 6PM. Go meet them!

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A Ocupação Cultural Mercado Sul Vive está revitalizando parte dos lotes ocupados na área do Mercado Sul, em Taguatinga-DF. Desde dezembro de 2017 iniciamos uma série de mutirões no local contando com a participação de moradores locais, amigos e parceiros para o relançamento do Espaço Multiuso.


Looking forward to sitting with Tav and the rest of the @inkscape team at LGM. If you are into and don't miss it!


Happy to be part of this great gathering of creative people. Looking forward to meet the devs/users of and and see our friends again. Any video editing enthusiasts attending? Make sure to drop by our workshop.


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