Feeling depressed and burnt out about work.

There are plenty of days where I feel like I don't want to do this job anymore, but what choice do I really have?

I know this is lazy, but does anyone know if there's a PeerTube app yet? Would think a little less likely given possible data usage.

I tried to hold off, but I went ahead and pre-ordered God of War off Amazon. List of awesome games I've still got left to play in my queue:
Witcher 3 (started)
Horizon Zero Dawn (started)
Nier Automata (extra playthroughs remaining)
Bloodborne (I'm probably halfway through or so)
Titanfall 2

I think the only PS4 game I got around to completing was Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. Really good game though.

So SANE decided to stop recognizing my scanner for some reason recently. lsusb shows it fine. Not sure what update broke it. Oh well... Took a picture of the doc I wanted and emailed it. Not worth my time to figure it out.

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Going to attempt to get back into the hobby of carnivorous plants. Supposed to be getting my order in today. Will transport them to my cubicle tomorrow.

At what point will student loans be considered slavery? Probably a ways off if mortgages haven't been accused of the same thing, I guess.

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Why can't we still not boost a toot with a comment? That is such a needed feature..

Exec is coming to the office to visit. Was told not to wear jeans and go to the mandatory meeting. So... Thinking about dressing extra nice so that other people can feel uncomfortable. When they ask me why I dressed up to say, "I wanted them [the execs] to feel special." Then after the meeting, go take my updated badge photo to solidify the victory over my imagined oppression.

I'm not sure why it's telling me people 'favourited' my toots. I need a fix, because 'Murica!

I know some people, not personally, who have too many platinum trophies. I'm wondering how they put so much effort into that. Or if maybe it's like an OCD thing. I've only got two. They weren't terribly difficult to get, but they took a while. This guy has like 180. That's dedication.

The best feeling I get on a work day is when I'm in my car leaving the work parking lot.

I have a problem in that I have a lot of motivation to do things I want to do/learn while at work. Then when I go home I'm drained and just want to relax. Even then, I've got to catch up on chores.

Sometimes I feel like getting back into statistics and beginning to do data analysis, then I think about whether I'd stick it out and do anything at all.

Sorry peeps, took a break from posting for a while. I want to put a server OS on my desktop I'm already using as a server. Got to coordinate getting some files off or backed up first...ugh...

Why is today even a workday? I want to be home or on the road right now...

Learned how to use "apt-mark hold" to prevent an update to Firefox. Quantum sounds cool, but I need to try to recreate an extension with the new API.

Think I'll need to update a Firefox extension I made before Ubuntu pushes out the update. Will probably just avoid updating just to keep it working...

Today I'm just refusing to work with unpleasantness.

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