Not gonna lie the first thing I thought of when I heard of the WWE 24/7 title was @jeff calling this idea about five years ago.

"I’m calling the ASPCA and telling them I’m not adopting due to Sarah McLachlan."

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Did Brooks decide to take sleepwalk during the final round or something?

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Much can be said of Karl Marx, the founder of communism, but not much is said about his actor brother, Groucho Marx, founder of comedy.

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Soon it would be too hot. And then the murders began.

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JetsBirdsite: "Geno Smith wasn't given a chance to succeed guys!"

I’m sure the Dead Racist Hatefuck Worshiper is crying about BdB’s Presidential Run but I’m sure he’s too dumb to realize he’ll be lucky if he polls better than Tulsi Gabbard.

Which means he’d have to poll with about five voters.

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If Mangini was so good as they’re led to believe how come the Browns players he drafted didn’t become All-Pro’s and how come he didn’t get a job in either the AAF or XFL?

I am still amazed to this day how much JetsBirdsite overrates Eric Mangini.

Now get someone from Philly or Baltimore that has a clue about winning instead of getting somebody from the never won f**k Houston Texans.

Dear NY and NFL Media: I know this is going to come as a shock but Mike Maccagnan was a jackass who couldn’t draft and couldn’t make deals and all he cared about was scouting sucky players and hanging out with his scout buddies at college games instead of fixing one of the worst rosters in the NFL.

Just because the guy who replaced him is a coked up dude with weird eyes shouldn’t excuse this.

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