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I give every movie two thumbs up. They are all great.

In all seriousness though why are all the NYC Papers (Times, Post and Daily News) so awful in their own unique ways?

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My dad and I live in an airport. And then the murders began.

I can't believe I watched that Oklahoma game instead of Iowa/Cincinnati.

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St. John’s looks awful against Arizona State.

FOX News isn’t part of the Disney/FOX sale idiot.

This is strictly a College Basketball Mastodon account the next two and half weeks.

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“I wrote down “what?” and then my next comment is “what?” and then Jake cannot play cards.”

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Podcast host: check out our subreddit, it's the greatest, most friendly community on the internet!

Me: seems like a lie...

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GD boosted - There's nothing I love more than dumb baseball rules from the 1800's.

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