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How to create camera noise profiles for darktable

Andreas Schneider walks through producing a noise profile for your camera to use in darktable (with their Profiled Denoise module). It's not as hard as you might think it is! :)

#FOSS #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #darktable #photography

PSA: Usability testing works.

We found a bunch of stuff to fix, and a lot of it was either super important, or just low hanging fruit.

Watch people use your stuff, it helps!

Watching "Army of Darkness" for the first time ever.

wikipedia giving me the unregistered shareware version of the sistine chapel

I'm writing a guidebook for activism.

Dear world,
is online.

My insurance company hasn't paid my disability this year.
I'm being evicted.
I'm trying to somehow produce enough benefit to the community that people can risk spending their money, right now, to help me out.

Please share this with others, and on other social networks.

Good activism tools help us all.
Help me stay alive, please?
#pdx #activism #opensource

Browser extension like "cloud to butt", but "hipster to hamster".

Example: "Oh, THAT coffee shop? It's always full of hamsters."


If you see ?utm_source and a bunch of other gibberish at the end of a shared URL, go ahead and just take off everything starting with the ?

This is Google Analytics tracking information.

#1984 "Misinterpretation" 

The CEO of about with respect to :

"I've loved Creative Commons for years, and more specifically, the Flickr Commons. Hoping to invest here to empower even more."

via birdsite @

SmugMug acquires Flickr. Whatever they do, I hope they keep the option to filter searches by #CreativeCommons licenses.

@jamey I started writing a Desktop Podcast app some months ago mainly as a playground for getting into programming.

It's written in Rust and uses Gtk+ for the GUI. It's where I experiment with stuff like Futures.

At first I tried using only the RSS spec, but it's ridiculous how few feeds respect it. A solid 2/3s of the podcast feeds I've tested are broken in some way unless you parse the Itunes Ext...

The app is usable, and hosted at the GNOME gitlab instance.

"The most striking thing about Android Go is just how much of it runs on Web technology rather than the Android platform. […] The best example is Google Maps Go, which is built entirely with Web technology. On our ZTE phone, the full Android version of Google Maps would take up 80MB, while Google Maps Go is 250 times smaller: 309KB."

I have to admit, it's a bit bittersweet to see Google take the FirefoxOS playbook years later and actually succeed with it.

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