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whipped up some Creative Commons emoji for mastodon! Images taken from the CC downloads page here >

:cc: the Creative Commons icon
:cc_by: Attribute work
:cc_sa: Share Alike
:cc_remix: Allow remixing
:cc_share: Share
:cc_nd: No Derivatives
:cc_ncus: Non-Commercial Dollar
:cc_nceu: Non-Commercial Euro
:cc_ncjp: Non-Commercial Yen
:cc_pd: Public Domain
:cc_zero: Creative Commons Zero

Learn how to use the licenses here!

Last boost:
And of course, you can do the same things if you want to get involved / stay up to date with any of the other Mastodon apps-and-such that keep their stuff at Github. For example:

Subway Tooter:

We might be smol nontechnical cats, but a github issue is not much different or more difficult to handle than a forum post :3



1. Make an account on

2. Here's the issue list:

3. Use Github's search or sorting feature to find feature requests you like. Click the "thumbs-up" at the bottom to add your support.

4. Click "subscribe" on issues to be kept up to date.

5. If you've got something to report/request, click "New Issue". Do a quick search of open issues to make sure it's not been mentioned already.


"Is this a new Nickelback song on the radio or one of their old ones?"

"...Is there a difference?"

My 10 year old nephew wants a "gaming laptop" (which he can also use for programming) and has a budget of $400 to $650.

What should I tell him?

Sorry. My account was hacked by my 2 year old niece.

Ha happy Saturday fediverse.

something I like a lot about masto is the little ripple effect you often get with offhand jokes here, it's nice to see people just bouncing goof off each other

I recently picked up a rather chunky IBM ThinkPad 380XD. The previous owner used Windows 95 on it. The installation of Internet Explorer still has a cache of MSN home page from August 8th, 1999 :)

@HerraBRE While cell phones help with the exiting-Vim issue, the phones get in the way of the exiting-Emacs problem — as you need all three hands free to type the key combos.

Cell phones solved the vim problem.

Now when people get stuck in vim they can use their phones to Google or even call for help.


~ beep
zsh: beep: command not found...
Install package 'beep' to provide command 'beep'? [N/y] n

...I guess Fedora isn't affected by the 🅱eep 🅱ug by default.

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