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Just a sunny day in a nice neighborhood street. Really enjoyed making this one, not really thinking too much about it and not stressing about it being perfect (°3°)

#illustration #digitalart #art

Now that FOSTA/SESTA is signed, there is a much higher risk of your accounts on US going bye-bye. Back up your things and prepare to move providers

If you never go off at a tangent, you will forever run in circles.

So hi! Could folks who are making jokes about Mark Zuckerberg please be aware that comparing him to a robot can be hurtful because

a) if he is autistic you are repeating the same tired old jokes about autistic people having no emotions just because you can't read our facial expressions, and

b) if he is not autistic then you are still doing that, and reminding autistic people of jokes people make about how we're evil/heartless - and at the same time you're comparing us to Mark Zuckerberg. Rude.

dragged and dropped a link to YouTube on a window of VLC (installed via Flatpak) to watch a web accessibility video on the second monitor... and it worked flawlessly

FWIW: that link (and more) are here in this channel:

can we have a big scandal involving the upper echelons of Tesla already so we can start talking about Elongate

reminder of yon scientific paper using a neural network trained on Google Images to generate images of cats and ending up with some of them having artifacts of floating text in Impact at the bottom

Article on Techcrunch: "RSS is undead". First line: "RSS died"

I've become a lot more jaded about tech takes by tech magazines after Mastodon. RSS never died it's just not trendy enough that you hear people talk about it. Every WordPress blog on the net has an RSS feed. Every webcomic. Every news site. Including Techcrunch.

The burrito place changed into yet another Asian restaurant overnight! Noooooooo! 😠

This is hilarious - Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) talks about her many stupid costumes on Star Trek TNG.

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