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I guess maybe not everyone will agree with this, but I believe there are limits to what a person can be learn.

So, when techies ask people to learn arbitrary tech mumbo-jumbo, they have implicitly decided that this tech thing is more important than whatever else they'll lose/skip/forget to make room for it.

Making tech easy for people is respecting the fact that they may have other priorities in life.

This is important:

"Current EU Copyright Review threatens Free and Open Source Software.
Take action now to preserve the ability to collaboratively build software online!"


... that said, URL shorteners are still mostly horrible.

If you are concerned about referrer leakage, browsers that respect their users (Firefox at least, see about:config network.http.referer.*) will allow you to disable that "feature."

It's sadly one of those things that is insecure and un-private by default, but the Internet came from a culture of trust and naivety, and that's still apparent all over the place.

Now, just to Devil's Advocate myself...

Did you know there are cases where URL shorteners are actually beneficial to user privacy?

Browsers usually tell the sites you visit, where you came from (the referrer). If the site where you found the link is in any way private - e.g. a corp web-mail, or your Very Secret Mastodon Lurker Identity - then leaking the contents of your URL bar to the remote site is a privacy issue.

URL shorteners can prevent that leak.

... gets complicated fast!

@HerraBRE @thekinrar All links already count as 29 characters flat, regardless of length.

Hey, you know what's awesome?

It's awesome how on you click a link and it's actually a proper link and not a click-tracking URL shortener!

(A cool feature would be to actively un-shorten things when people post shortened links... but things are already awesome, even without that... and maybe relax the toot length constraints for links so people aren't tempted to use them.)

Thank you, @thekinrar and @Gargron and everyone else who makes this place work.

After June 19th, 2018, 鈥渟treaming services鈥 at Twitter will be removed. This means two things for third-party apps:

1. Push notifications will no longer arrive;
2. Timelines won鈥檛 refresh automatically.

If you use a non-Twitter client, no notifications.

I think it should become law that anybody who uses the "Nothing to hide; nothing to fear" argument in any privacy discussion has to immediately disclose their fully browsing history

"actually" being a specific marker for Linus is A+++

"Torvalds' most frequently used adverbs include:
鈥 Actually
鈥 Always
鈥 Basically
鈥 Never
鈥 Only
鈥 Really
鈥 Totally
鈥 Very"

also, "actually" is a strong indicator an email is Linus's, while words like "thanks" or "sorry" indicate it isn't reminder that there exists a research paper dryly examining how different Linus Torvalds' Asshole Emails are from a regular person also involved in a leadership position on the Linux Kernel Mailing List

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