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Linux really needs to remove the “privileged ports” security theater bullshit.

We’re no longer living in the mainframe era. The security properties of the Internet are different to mainframes. This is actually an anti-feature that either complicates life or actually compromises security (when folks run servers as root and forget to drop privileges , etc.).

If anyone has any sway within the kernel team, etc., please do your thing.

#linux #security #theatre #networking

Apple: We're the privacy company.

Also Apple:

"Apple ad exec wants to more than double ad revenue with new ads across iOS"

New boss, same as the other bosses.

I know I've teased this thing a million times by now, but I have a bit more progress on it. :) As well as a WIP MR (for libadwaita, not epiphany, though ephy changes are pretty small)

From Uni of Reading (@UniofReading@:twitter:):

"In this experiment Dr Rob Thompson of Reading Meteorology shows just how long it takes water to soak into parched ground, illustrating why heavy rainfall after a #drought can be dangerous and might lead to flashfloods."

#ClimateCrisis #ClimateActionNOW #ClimateEmergency #heatwave #summer

"CDC Drops Quarantine, Distancing Recommendations For COVID-19"

Reminds me of the description of casual mode in "Plague Inc":

"No one washes their hands.
Research doctors don't work."
Sick people given hugs."

#covid19 #FilthyCasuals

Excellent write-up of #GUADEC, with insight on the hybrid in-person/remote/satellite format. As someone who attended remotely, I was happy to be included—and I think the satellite location on another continent should be a permanent inclusion.


This is a screenshot image I made just to show entitled software developers who look down their nose at regular people for "being part of the Google/Apple ecosystem" or similar privileged nonsense.

It's from the "Transportr" app web site; margins cropped in to reduce whitespace.

You can use it, too. Consider it donated by me, Nathan Willis, to the public domain, as of this post, August 9, 2022.

It's really unfortunate that a ton of the new GUI libraries out there for newer programming languages like Rust or Zig have left accessibility as a long-term goal instead of something core to the project.

Lots of executive dysfunction tips are for ADHD so browse that literature and take what’s useful. But most importantly, be kind to yourself. Brain damage is a hard condition and identity to carry. It comes with lots of stigma. But you got this. It’s doable.

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COVID is a mass disabling event, for cognitive disabilities, too. It can be so hard not being able to think or do anything. But that doesn’t lessen your value. It just means that you need help, either literally getting things done or habits that help you do so.

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Part of our work at Endless OS is around the usability of the GNOME desktop, guided by user testing. We're looking for test subjects for a 1-hour session, who are tech-savvy experts—e.g designers/developers, animators/…—with exposure to various devices & platforms. Bonus points if you're based near someone in the team—e.g. London—so we can put a laptop in front of you. Ping me here or to if you're interested!

The more countries I live in, the more I realize that everyone thinks their country likes talking about the weather more than anyone else does.

JavaScript: The Good Parts was amazing in 2008.

…but it hasn't been updated since and JavaScript has grown quite a bit in the past decade+.

Someone asked me for a JS book recommendation, so:

What similar-in-spirit book would you recommend to someone learning JavaScript today?

New Online Media Terminology:

(then -> now)
articles -> content
music -> content
video -> content
podcast -> content
game -> content
artwork -> content
threads -> content

FYI, artists on Instagram: They're allowing (and encouraging) anyone to use your images and footage for their own Reels and Stories without your permission. And it's automatic. You have to opt out of it if you don't want to give permission.

So, they're pretty much saying "Use anything you find here without asking and don't give any credit--that's okay!"


#instagram #privacy

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