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Here's an opportunity to write some FOSS graphics history, everyone: "VGC Illustration" presents a technologically novel - and having tried it I will say *artistically superior* - approach to illustrative vector graphics. It's developed by a 1 (soon 2) person team that has serious industry and technical research credentials (Pixar, Siggraph) while at the same time being fervent open source lovers and actually developing their research as FOSS since years. Boris (the lead dev) has now fully dedicated his life mission to making VGC Illustration (and soon Animation) a sustainable open source business, and all he's asking for is pretty much peanuts considering the magnitude and scope this could soon have. If the kickstarter (which started only an hour ago and is already 10% funded!) does not work out, VGC is probably dead, so I think this is a lifetime opportunity for us to give support to establish a new powerful player and unique technological cornerstone in FOSS graphics. To conclude: Please, for the love of FOSS, throw money at this! :)

We often list things we don't want people to say those of us with #ChronicIllness. This is a helpful post on 14 things you SHOULD say to your chronically ill friend

@ChronicIllness @MECFS

OCR Output (chars: 1084) 

I want to talk about the poor marketing of climate change
for the last 30 years.

1. The planet isn’t in danger; we are in danger

2. The planet has been through worse; we have not.

3. It's not being obsessed with nature; it's being obsessed
with surviving

4. It shouldn't be “do you care about the environment?” It
should be “do you care about your environment?”

5. It's not global warming; it’s forced climate

6. It’s not controversial; it’s currently happening,
measurably. As predicted.

7. The planet doesn't care if we step up and heroically
change course, it'll be fine. We won't be.

8. The most nationalistic, selfish thing to do is ensure our
power and health is to keep the oil in the ground; it also
happens to be the most globalistic and humanitarian thing
to do as well.

9. Scientists aren't begging us to do anything; they are just
looking out the window and telling us the forest is on fire,
and holding the blinds open so we can see.

10. The climate isn’t an issue. It’s the one issue that
contains every single other issue.

There once was a singer of old
Who then broke away from the fold
He won't give you up
He won't let you down
In a word, you have been Limerick-rolled

The battles we’re fighting for our privacy aren’t just to make our phones and computers private places today. They’re to keep our homes, cars, and minds private places in the future. They’re to protect our personhood and stave off autocracy.

#privacy #humanRights

- Click "Download PDF"
- IEEE: Pay $30 first!
- Open the paper via Sci-Hub
- "This paper is U.S. Government work, not protected by U.S. copyright."

#TIL Fun fact: some papers on Sci-Hub is 100% legal.

@meena yeah if you're measuring market share using Google Analytics both Firefox and Linux will be underreported

Published a new study: 58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics

Today: Had to to wear my FFP2/N95 mask over my FFP3/N99 mask (with a charcoal filter layer) so I *could* breathe (and try to avoid a serious allergen trigger), all while listening to someone complain about how they "can't breathe" through their flimsy surgeon-like mask...

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Pretty selfishly angry of me, but... You know? Someone should make a completely audio-based OS. Then when some sightling comes around asking for visuals because they're a graphic designer who loves your OS, just say "well you put it in because its for your needs and depends entirely on you. I mean, be the change you want the see in the world you user." I shouldn't keep thinking like this but my goodness it feels good after a long hard mentally and emotionally draining day at work.

Golden. This site demonstrates the experience the average website offers us today. Know that with e.g. Firefox and a decent ad-blocker such as uBlock Origin you can avoid most of that, zap annoying dialogs and experience a mostly ad-free internet.

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