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@meena yeah if you're measuring market share using Google Analytics both Firefox and Linux will be underreported

Published a new study: 58% of Hacker News, Reddit and tech-savvy audiences block Google Analytics

Today: Had to to wear my FFP2/N95 mask over my FFP3/N99 mask (with a charcoal filter layer) so I *could* breathe (and try to avoid a serious allergen trigger), all while listening to someone complain about how they "can't breathe" through their flimsy surgeon-like mask...

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Pretty selfishly angry of me, but... You know? Someone should make a completely audio-based OS. Then when some sightling comes around asking for visuals because they're a graphic designer who loves your OS, just say "well you put it in because its for your needs and depends entirely on you. I mean, be the change you want the see in the world you user." I shouldn't keep thinking like this but my goodness it feels good after a long hard mentally and emotionally draining day at work.

Golden. This site demonstrates the experience the average website offers us today. Know that with e.g. Firefox and a decent ad-blocker such as uBlock Origin you can avoid most of that, zap annoying dialogs and experience a mostly ad-free internet.

Internet is a place where:

People sharing corporation's "property" is compared to attacking ships (piracy)

Corporations sharing between them user's data is "respecting their privacy" and "improving their services"


Didn't think I could hurt a shoulder this badly while smooshing a mosquito. 🤷

If you're looking for a chance to get paid to write meaningful open source software, here's one of those rare opportunities. Fully remote.

We're hiring additional software engineers to join the SecureDrop team, an open source platform to protect journalists & whistleblowers. Our posting outlines the specific skillsets we're looking for:

If this describes you, please get in touch! Happy to answer questions.

OK. This is quite technical. But TL;DR - the neural hash system #Apple uses for their CSAM detection has been confronted with its first possible collision by some good hackers. This dog might be marked by the system as suspicious. Ouch. Issue 1 at

Here's the article about `accent-color`; it's super neat:

There's also `color-scheme` which is nice for getting the right dark-on-light or light-on-dark theme for built-in components like <select>:

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The new `accent-color` CSS property is one the most magical new web features I've seen recently, especially in terms of bang-for-the-buck.

I can add one line of code to each theme's CSS, and the checkboxes and radio buttons automatically get the right accent color. It's easiest to see in this Pinafore UI; check out how the radio buttons change color.

Electron is an inefficient and inappropriate way to present an application, he explained by way of a blog post split into 43 separate tweets.

Under appreciated facts:

* Context switching is very expensive for computers. It causes them to synchronize their CPU caches to main memory

* Context switching is very expensive for humans. It causes them to empty their mental cache

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