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Current decade-old Synology DS411j NAS is barely usable due to limited hardware specs (128 MB RAM) & updates that keep it in swap.

Considering what to do. I'd like something low-power (electricity-wise) and FOSS preferable.

It's just for me, so simple & fast *enough* are OK.

I'm even tinkering with my Pi 4 home server to see if I can just add a multi-disk enclosure for RAID.


Bitcoin (and proof of work mining in general) is a crime against humanity.


what Spanish speakers see: hahaha

whan Scandinavians and Germans see: YESYESYES

I had a dream that I was typing on an old Model-M keyboard. And then, also, in the dream, I tried out a keyboard with lighter, more sensitive keyswitches.

My main keyboard, a Moonlander (ergo, split, columnar, mechanical keyboard with an open source programmable firmware) has hostswap switches (Cherry Browns).

Is my subconsious telling me to buy replacement switches?

Further evidence that I'm weird, I guess.

At least it wasn't another school-related nightmare again.

A conservative, a centrist, and a leftist are on a sinking boat. The conservative is drilling the holes. The leftist is trying to patch them. The centrist is yelling at the leftist to stop rocking the boat.

Looney Tunes’ guide to dictate all interactions between Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner. Developed by Chuck Jones and his team.

Huh, I haven't upgraded my Raspberry Pi running Pi-Hole DNS blocking in a while...

Err:1 buster InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ''
Err:2 buster InRelease
Temporary failure resolving ''
Segmentation faultsts... 99%


Beyond his harming Free Software for decades, I wonder how much rms has harmed *people with Autism* as ~85% of his defenders proclaim "autistic people are just like that"

As usual, @brainwane's writing on a complicated topic are clear, thoughtful, direct, and bring the receipts to the table: "Not The First Time We Tried (FSF, GNU, RMS, etc.)"

Smart: a recipe website where you can set the number of servings, and it adjusts the ingredients

Less smart: it adds 4" to the target tortilla diameter for each serving, not the tortilla count.

The ray of hope at the end of this week is that I believe the free and #OpenSource software movements are more unified than ever before that intolerance, abuse, and disrepect from our leaders will no longer be allowed. That's a great thing and a good first step toward visions like #DigitalAutonomy.

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS

Let's keep the #GNOME40 celebration going with a brand new release video!

We're excited to announce the official release of GNOME 40! After countless hours of work from the GNOME community, this release brings many exciting updates!

See the release highlights at

Or view all the details in our release notes:

#GNOME40 #releaseday #OpenSource

Found one again! "Open Source" – and then a Microsoft logo on top of it, next to a Discord link. 👏 :troll:

This time on

Do they realize? Do they even care?…

That is why we need Free Software – and a proper logo for it, too:

#freesoftware #logo


So far I've largely successfully ignored the whole #NFT thing, though I agree that the ecological impact of many NFT approaches should of course _not_ be ignored.

What strikes me is how uncomfortable, culturally, we still are with abundance and the end of ownership. The idea of a society where humans can live dignified lives while building upon cultural works without constraints has a much harder time gaining ... currency. Capitalism overshadows our thinking and dominates our discourse.

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