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Tired: Camps to teach "non technical" people to become software developers.

Wired: Camps to teach programmers how to write, design, participate in a community, and all the other things.

Fibonachos (I went to way too much trouble setting up this joke).

If you are or are not a #signal user, please consider taking the signal user survey. Signal does not collect analytics on their users to respect privacy and I appreciate them transparently asking for the feedback instead. More information on their blog entry:

Link to survey:

Also, if you haven't tried signal in the last year+ they have made significant user experience improvements (new features, ease of use, stability).

The darktable user manual is largely outdated. Problem is it uses an esoteric kind of XML required by a brittle software stack (Saxon) to be compiled into HTML or PDF.
This complexity steers away many contributors.
But thanks to Chris Elston, @secretlifeofmatt and @paperdigits, it is being rewritten in Markdown with a better "tutorial" approach.
Contribute :

Someone made a PR on GitHub that merges youtube-dl's history into the DMCA repo.

Which means the source and history of youtube-dl is now mirrored at


A spaceship landed in the park. An alien emerged, carrying a foldable chair. They set the chair up on the grass, and settled down.
"Ah, hello," a dog-walker said. "Shall I take you to our leader?"
"Why would I want that?" the alien said. "I came here to get away from mine.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

So, if this youtube-dl thing ends up with distributions such as #debian being pressured to remove it, I hope they consider this:

The RIAA would not have brought this action without Google's backing. Google is not a friend of your distribution.

Perhaps your distro should IDK, change its default search engine.

For most of this year, @zwol and I have been working on a pretty ambitious project:
* to make a fresh release of GNU Autoconf, a crucial #FLOSS build tool that hadn't had a new release since 2012
* to get paid for that
* to help put Autoconf on a more sustainable footing so it doesn't have to get rescued again a little while down the road

Autoconf 2.70 is due out next month, and you can read my fresh LWN story about the rejuvenation & what's next:

It feels like an unpopular opinion, but liking things is more fun than hating things, and talking about things you like will make you feel better about life than talking about things you hate.

@garrett @cassidyjames amusing tidbit: logging in to Gmail recently got added an invisible redirect through some YouTube account URL which broke logins because different sets of quirks are now needed in different stages of the page load for different domains, and we had to fix WebKit to support that kind of thing.

Somebody at Google deserves a slow and painful death. It's tremendously evil that one service gets notice when you were trying to login elsewhere :scremcat:

@garrett @cassidyjames Oh yes, that's definitely a User-Agent sniffing issue right there. Every now and then we make a fix for the list of User-Agent quirks that WebKit applies to different sites.

Google is among the biggest offenders, with many of their sites insisting in being shitty instead of doing proper feature detection. Also, different Google sites need different kinds of quirks, and they change relatively often 😥

Pretty good explanation why wearing masks & keeping distance are a good thing.

Same thing applies to computer/internet security, btw.


"Privacy Badger Is Changing to Protect You Better"

Tracking prevention is hard. See also: "Do Not Track" ended up being used as a signal for fingerprinting.

Socially distanced trick or treating: throwing candy at children

voice assistants are a great example of tech that could be awesome. imagine if the AI behind siri or alexa just never called home, never putting your data at risk. but instead the AI doesn't live on your phone, really. you only receive an extant client who only knows how to phone home, resulting in massive breaches and liabilities with the police because of talkative listening devices.

and yet, for many people, it is still the most accessible way to use a computer.

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