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@garrett Oh, and about privacy, we have Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) coming for the next major releases. The bulk of the implementation is on WebKitGTK so all browsers/applications which use the library will be able to easily enable it using public, documented, stable API.

This is a major difference between monolithic browser projects (like Firefox or Chromium) and anything based upon WebKit: important functionality tends to go into the library for everybody to use.

The latest heroic effort to make Firefox look more like GNOME's Adwaita is quite nice.

(That's always been the case, but it's an uphill battle, people fizzle out, and someone eventually forks to continue.)

It should be noted: GNOME Web (Epiphany), which this Firefox theme's look is derived from, is also an amazing browser.

Firefox has a big org supporting it, it has extensions, and it's better for dev. But the main privacy extensions most need are built into Epiphany.

Lovin' this GUADEC-from-home thing. It's been amazing, and this is just the first day!

#GUADEC 2020 starts today! We're kicking things off with the opening at 14:40 UTC in Track 1. Make sure to register and check your email to get the links and access codes needed to join:

Over on Twitter, @ garrett reminded folks that the GUADEC schedule is posted in UTC, which might not be your local time setting.

That in turn prompted me to think maybe it's problematic that calendar apps only let you open ICS data as adding a "subscription" that is long-term–to–permanent. Sometimes it'd be really convenient to just view an event in your calendar without integrating it as a perpetual fixture in your life.

#GUADEC 2020 starts tomorrow, are you ready? Here's our checklist: registration✔️, view the schedule✔️, grab track links and access codes (check your email!)✔️, sign up for social hour✔️. Still need to check some of these off? Find all event details:

There is now a Mastodon instance for publishing scientists: FediScience.

Everyone is welcome from PhD student to professor, as well as researchers from outside of academia. You are welcome to stay afterwards, but it is also easy to change to another server.

There will be a lot of science talk on this server, but there is no need to only talk science

Boosts are appreciated to let others know about this new instance.

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so now my right arm is also completely shot meaning I can't use a keyboard. however I can use voice dictation between my phone, kde connect, and my Linux install. unfortunately it means I have to rely on Google via gboard for the voice dictation but I couldn't find any other provider that worked. if anyone is aware of a better voice dictation option I'd love to hear about it

🤷‍♂️ "Oh, this is a DVD? Not a Blu-ray?"
💁🏼‍♀️ "Yeah, this movie is old."


Spreading constant FUD about your fellow open source projects—especially ones that are working their asses off to respect user privacy and combat an entire industry of surveillance capitalism—is pretty shitty. Whether it’s on social media or issue trackers, it does no good.

One thing I wish I had on Mastodon and Twitter: a way to automatically mark viewed Tweets as viewed when I see/scroll past them, and hide them in the future. Sync for Reddit has this, and it means I actually see new stuff instead of the same crap over and over.

Who's your favorite Star War character?

The new #a11y API for #GTK 4 is taking shape in GitLab:

The new implementation drops the old abstraction layer called ATK, and it's heavily modelled on WAI-ARIA; on Linux, it will talk to ATs using AT-SPI, and on other platforms it will use their native API.

@outie A few WINE devs built a WINE + qemu mashup to run Windows x86 binaries on a Pi, including some games. It's called "hangover".

Yet another thing for Pi powered desktops.

Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

#pixelfed #ios #android

For those at northerly latitudes, Comet NEOWISE up in the evening now, too

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