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@bentosmile: I _love_ the cactus trio you sent me in AC! 💕

It's so cute and very much like the ones in my real-life home office room window. 👍

remember, if you’re crossing island borders with more than 100,000 bells or the equivalent in native fruit stuffed in your pockets, you must declare it

One of my favourite tricks to make web applications (like #Mastodon) feel more “native” is creating a standalone application with @gnome Web and then adding the following custom user CSS snippet in its preferences:

* {
font-family: -webkit-system-font, FontAwesome !important;

Believe it or not, just having the same font as the rest of the system everywhere makes them suddenly feel much more integrated.

uspol adjacent venting re: language choices in politics, I Guess 

hey you know that guy hoarding hand sanitizer? imagine if he was hoarding money, that people need desperately for literally everything. and then someone showed up and distributed that money to everyone. wild haha anyways Jeff bezos has 110 billion dollars

REMINDER THAT YOU CAN JUST KINDA PUT SHERLOCK HOLMES IN THINGS. he's public domain so you can just kinda use him wherever. i made him break up with a wizard

about 4 days ago i had this incredibly stupid musical idea and it keep hearing it in my head. it won't go away

so i've had to actually create it

i present to you: the

when you find out your daily lifestyle is actually called "quarantine"

pandemic, SMS 

covid19 prep, serious/dark 

covid 19, capitalism 

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