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- Web interface: "Unsaved changes in $WORK - Would you like to save?"
- Me: (click Yes)
- Web interface: "Unknown error saving $WORK. ERR-050 SAVEFAIL"
- Me: (close windows, logs in again)
- Web interface: "Welcome! Would you like to recover previously unsaved session?"
- Me: (click Yes)
- Web interface: "Unknown error saving $WORK. ERR-095 RECOVERYFAIL"
- Me: (Throws computer out the window)
- Colleague: Oh, yeah, you have to duplicate and start again.
- Me: (Throws colleague out the window).

Subtitle on Jason Bourne (2016):

"Use SQL to corrupt the database"


This is why we can't have nice things 😞

"The study found that over 50% of sites using WebAssembly apply it for malicious deeds, such as cryptocurrency mining and malware code obfuscation"

I published my very first post on the Mozilla Web Developer Blog, AKA Mozilla hacks. In it, I write about all the cool new #accessibility #auditing features in Firefox 70, like the full page color contrast checker, color vision deficiency simulator, checking for missing text labels, and how to fix keyboard and focus issues. #a11y #webdev

I opened the window for just a minute for a bit of fresh air and heard someone whistle the trololololol song.

Firefox 70 has a cool new feature that allows you to quickly jump to buttons in the browser toolbar via the keyboard, using incremental search. I've described the procedure on our Discourse forum, and feedback is welcome.

You want to try out the current state of Shortwave 📻, but don't want to compile it by yourself? No problem! 😉

There's a nightly repository available now! Just run

"flatpak install"

More information:

#Flatpak #GNOME

to all game developers currently working on their ui: make your subtitles bigger. no, bigger. trust me, even bigger

Researchers Are Making Memes Accessible to the Blind
If you’re visually impaired, most internet memes are inaccessible. That needs to change.

reminder: if you made 5000 dollars a day since the year 1219 -- 800 years ago! -- you would still have less total money than Jeff Bezos made *EVERY WEEK* during 2018.

Bezos made over 1.5 billion per week that year; you would only have 1.46 billion

Saw a shop selling "jean socks". ("jocks"? :thaenkin: )

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