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BTW I definitely see performance as an issue of access. If the CEO, the investors, and the developers are all using beefy desktops on fast connections, then they'll never notice what their less fortunate customers are experiencing on a hand-me-down Android phone or a busted laptop with a HDD. It's easy to miss performance problems if you're not paying attention to users with less money than you.

I wonder if one reason more websites aren't accessible/performant is because of the underlying business model. If investors are always screaming at you about growth, then you'll focus on feature, features, features, to the detriment of less salient virtues like performance, accessibility, security, etc.

The *official* :inkscape: forum has launched! Come start a conversation with fellow beginners, artists, designers, makers, educators, and more!

FYI you are worthy of healthcare and being treated like a human being regardless of your weight or how "fit" you are (and acknowledging the two things don't even friggin intersect).

Four teens walking down the street, ten minutes to midnight. One has a very large guitar speaker strapped to his back, somehow powered... with a car battery?! They're *blasting* womp-womp music and then switch it to that "Scatman" song... 😵

Facebook Messenger still scans all messages, even with end-to-end encryption. Scanning is done locally on the device before text messages are sent and after received messages are decrypted.

Facebook privacy lol

Today is Overshoot Day,
the day where we as a species have used up the entirety of Earths Renewable resources and live on loans paid by the coming generations.

We as FLOSS enthusiasts can be part of a solution by designing not for an ever grander set of hardware, but for the reusage and improvement of OLD hardware.
Making old refurbished stuff attractive again, or ways to repurpose it so it doesn't have to be thrown away.

#OverShootDay #Ecology #FFF

Doomguy IS in the Donkey Kong Extended Universe:

Doom -> Commander Keen -> Minecraft -> Super Meat Boy -> Bit.Trip -> Shovel Knight -> Smash

Website: please consider turning off your ad blocker

Me: I see, you want me to go away and never come back. very good

who called it "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" and not Link In Park

software, image-to-text (OCR), linux, + 

My ankle is still swollen and still hurting. It's been a two and a half months. I'm told sometimes it takes "up to 3 months".

Some days it's worse than others. It's less bad than the first week at least.

I'm still hobbling around in pain.

So #GitLab Pages has finally rolled out their automatic #LetsEncrypt integration for hosted web sites. It's quite painless and automatically renews certs. So glad that I don't have to manually do this or maintain some brittle CI-based scripts anymore.

If you've got a GL-hosted site, take the next 90 seconds and go secure it!

#HTTPS #TLS #FOSS #FLOSS #FreeSoftware #OpenSource

My new bot, @SecretlyPublicDomain, highlights pre-1964 books that entered the public domain because their copyright wasn't renewed.

Until May, it wasn't possible to find these books on a large scale. Now it is:

People talk like blocking fascists automatically turns any space into an "echo chamber". The fediverse we've built up over the years is proof of the contrary. I've learned and grown through this place. I've been able to apply that knowledge in real life. We've got something real here, and I think it's with fighting to preserve.

@andreas The issue author verified that Firefox is not affected by the vulnerability. One more reason to switch.

Oh god...

All Chrome extensions can execute remote code in their own context:

Included in the bug report is a proof-of-concept web extension by gorhill, author of uBlock Origin.

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