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in a great end-of-the-year tradition, the nerds at darktable have a brand-spanking new 2.6 release now available!

congratulations darktable team on a fantastic release!

also, contributor Matthieu Moy has written up an extensive blog post detailing some of the awesome new features - give it a read as well:

#FreeSoftware #FOSS #darktable #raw #photography #artwithopensource

the German word for "walnut" is "Walnuss"

the German word for whale is "Wal"

whale nuts

Advent calendars in much of Europe have chocolates each day up to 24 December.

American advent calendars have an additional door (and extra piece of chocolate) on the 25th.

However, American advent calendars have American chocolate, so Europe wins.

Quality over quantity. 🍫🎅

Fun fact: Microsoft is now making a web browser with Google tech, in turn based in Apple tech, in turn based in KDE tech

Cleaning up a customer's PC, I made the mistake of leaving a tab open on Yahoo's home page. Only 1 minute later: malvertized. Sunuva...

I did it again to pin down the cause, & indeed it's Yahoo's ads breaking out, taking over the page, & loading scary messages that make it difficult to leave.

I can't stress enough, folks, that an ad blocker is Internet SECURITY software.

"Styling a Select Like It’s 2019"

I had no idea that native styling of select elements (no trickery, just CSS) had come this far.

tfw you realise klingon weapons all look like really bad tribal tattoos :blobpeek:

"Ostrich" is etymologically from a two-word Latin phrase, "avis struthio". "Avis struthio" means "ostrich bird".

"struthio" (which means "ostrich") comes from "struthiocamelus", which is from Greek στρουθιοκάμηλος, both of which mean "ostrich". But στρουθιοκάμηλος is built from two other words: στρουθόs, "sparrow" + κάμηλος "camel".

So etymologically, an ostrich is a "sparrow camel bird".

Anyway here's a stream of Terry Crews painting in a cozy living room with a crackling yule log

It's been a crazy week with all this "let's vote for Adobe Premiere port to Linux". I kept wondering what free/libre projects can we realistically support financially instead, so I started digging and talking to devs. Here is the result:

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