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Adult Friend Finder but for actually finding friends as an adult

"Batman Ninja" is apparently a movie.

Actual plot: Batman and everyone else in Gotham, including The Joker, is transferred back in spacetime to feudal Japan because they used the Quake Engine.

I wonder when and where they would've been sent if they used the DOOM Engine, Unreal Engine, Unity, SCUMM, AGI, or GameMaker Studio.

DOOM Engine: Batman demon hunter on future Mars.

AGI: Batman Quest. He's a king in space who's also a cop.

SCUMM: Batman tentatcle pirate & Max.

americans are asleep. make posts with reasonable date formats and units of measurement

Tired: Kirby is a hungry pink puffball. Why's he so angry on the American box art?

Wired: Kirby is a multidimensional being of canonically limitless power. Why's be so happy on the Japanese box art?

This Super Metroid FAQ is a perfectly justified monospace text document

It wasn't software-justified, there are no extra spaces in the paragraphs. The author just wrote the entire thing choosing words that make each line 76 characters wide.


"Am I dead?"
"So now what? I move on?"
"If you wish."
"If I... There's something else, isn't there?"
"I can't say."
"Is there..."
"Is there a post-credit scene?"
"Yes! See the people who made your life good, then you have one more scene."
"Of what?"
"You'll see."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

GitHub issue reporting protip: Don't comment "me too!" type comments. Use the built-in πŸ‘ reaction feature to let the developers know it affects you, and use the built-in subscribe feature to get updates. Me-too comments just spam people hoping for an update or resolution.


> This is coming right after the reCAPTCHA v3 announcement
> Sorry, you don't have enough Google Points to browse the web. Please enable JavaScript and install Google Chrome

We are at a point where we have to prove ourselves innocent by opting to be victims of whatever the powerful demands.

Spending the early evening carving pumpkins with my gf. Nailed it!

After I fetched my camera and zoom lens, the little birds haven't revisited our goth sunflowers. I think they're camera shy.

(If I do manage to spot a bird and take it's picture, I'll post it.)

this picture feels like a perfect embodiment of how our society is dealing with global warming

Our sunflowers look very inspired lately.

(We left them up because birds visit us. And we even saw a few birds visit us for the sunflowers this morning! 🌻🐦)

(Oh wait. It was the *car* that ran over my feet. It was the *pick-up truck* that fell on top of me and crushed me a bit.)

Ok, I feel like a pick-up truck fell on me, again. But without the truck this time, at least.

(I've had a weird life. 😐)

I feel like I've been run over by a truck. Again.

(To be fair, when it happened, it was only a pick-up truck, not a big semi. And it was only my feet, so I'm extrapolating.)

I wonder if anyone with an extra finger has taken advantage of that in the knuckle tat scene

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