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Modern media:

> Writes a glowing profile of Tim Berners-Lee's plan to reclaim web privacy from corporations determined to abuse it.

Also modern media:

> Publishes that article with 20 separate javascript files, including *16* known tracking scripts blocked by PiHole.

#privacy #hypocracy #media #pihole

as I'm seeing @ben0_o's post about Stylish's tracking issues boosted a lot this morning: there's a tracking-free fork of it called Stylus!

The biggest thing of #fediverse for me, is that it has "spaces" (instances) without having to tell a single big corporation that you are the same person in all of them (unlike e.g. FB/twitter) YET those those spaces can overlap/communicate freely (unlike forums).

*I feel it's much easier to be myself here*.

A big thank you to all the people who made this possible, devs of course, but also who brought ideas and designs, and early adopters.

Ok one more of the Funloving Luddite symbols for today then I really gotta quit (I caaaaan't)

I woke up and had "Wake me up before you go-go" stuck in my head while I made coffee.

And then, for lunch, I decided to go-go to my favorite local falafel guy and walked in and...

Guess which exact song was playing on the radio right at the beginning as I walked in?


RT *dry food crunches*
Ridiculously small kitten: “Myam myam myam. Njam njam njam njam njam njam njam! Myam myam myam nyam nyam myam. Mmmam. Mrrrrram. Meep!”


elsewhere someone describes he claw robots from Descent: "I like that they attack you with air quotes"

No, the real hardest problem in computer science is adjusting yourself to typing two different coding styles.

We've been sitting in the balcony, among all the plants, and an insect flew in and landed on the ceiling...

It's some type of beetle and has been there for at least half an hour now!

(because unlike the original game, Wolfstone 3D has no actual Nazi iconography in its artwork, the use of which outside of "genuine historic context" is illegal under German penal law)

a reminder that it's extremely ironic that the first official release of Wolfenstein 3D in Germany that did not get banned is the "Nazi-made" version included as an easter egg in Wolfenstein 2

you know, the one where you're not fighting Nazis, but *are* a Nazi

Incidentally, this (previous toot) is a great example of why software is hard and takes forever to write.

Someone had to think about every single thing you see on the screen, and even more about all the things that are invisible.

Just thinking about flags and languages could easily trigger an hour or two of discussion with an entire team of people - and good results are in no way guaranteed!

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