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despite all my rage i am still just a Dog with a Blog

RT FUN FACT: the $10k gold Apple Watch Edition that came out three years ago won’t get new software updates starting this fall

(Note: I'm not asking @Gargron to do even more work; these suggestions are ways to share the load of work; they also provide ways where others can get involved early and often too!

They're all positive things for FOSS community software.

…And all small projects have growing pains when they become wildly successful. But free & open source software is more than just programming; it's about enabling *everyone* in all sorts of ways.)

Some ideas to help @Gargron implement a few of those points would be:

1. Design phase where features are written up and mockups are made. It provides a clearer vision of features, and people can start to have a conversation to make things better before code is written. (We do this for the Cockpit project)

2. Community blog form of a changelog, where ideas & contributions are credited and highlighted each release (Dolphin does an amazing job at this; we also try to do this over at Cockpit too)

It makes me sad to see @cassolotl go, after all the hard work they did on helping to make the fediverse and specifically Mastodon a better place for everyone.

@cassolotl's requirements in are all completely reasonable and I hope @Gargron takes them seriously and implements each.

Everyone talking about forking and im like

What about spooning

At the Bierfest, there's a guy with a guitar signing, doing a country style rendition of Abba's "Dancing Queen".

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at the Bierfest, having potatobread and beer for breakfast

(why not? 🍻😁)

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