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Man, all the people pushing their agendas or their products in relation to on Twitter is kinda disgusting.

It almost makes me feel bad about having an opinion, I don't want to be part of that scene.

IMO integrity is about focusing on the needs of our users. Reassuring users and explaining is appropriate. Mitigating is appropriate. Even suggesting alternatives can be.

OTOH ...

Being a grown-up is so overrated! So I bring you: ! The EFF failing to disclose responsibly.

Oh yes.

I have two #vegetarian wishes.

1) A checkbox on online grocery shopping websites that says “hide all non-vegetarian products”.

2) More than one vegetarian option per course on event menus.

#eurovision the second Italian singer is just way too intense. like his daughter has been taken and he needs to win eurovision to get her back, and even Liam Neeson cannot help

Netherlands is completely an American country music song.

(I'm almost surprised they don't have rebel flags, a monster truck, mud wrestling, and guns everywhere.)

similarly Israel should just send Infected Mushroom honestly #eurovision

Hungary has a dude barefoot and another in his underwear (undershirt and boxer shorts).

And lots of fire.

Scooby Doo show with ska brass bits, I can dig this #eurovision

Hey Americans that don't have a clue what the eurovision song contest is and keep seeing it everywhere

This is how us europeans feel when you lot go off on the superbowl or whatever

I can't believe they moved Australia to Europe

Okay so far we've had: a TARDIS, singing Vikings, a British woman in cyberspace and the opera singer from The 5th Element. This #eurovision is an unofficial #doctorwho episode.

Australia's entry should've had an epilepsy warning at the beginning. So so flashy.

Czech sends in a white Urkel rapping like it's the 90s.

France is being so very stereotypical French in with their all-black outfits with turtlenecks.

Woke up around sunrise and got hiccups right before trying to go back to sleep.

Still having hiccups... 😒

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