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@n8 That's all stuff I'm sure you already know, but would be good to include in the bug report, to make the case why it's a good idea and why it makes sense for GNOME Font Manager to handle conversion... As conversion is mainly done by proprietary software, sketchy websites, or complicated tools like FontForge at the moment.

And people just want to open their documents and have the correct layouts and line flow like it was when the document was originally created.

@n8 This article from 2017 makes the case that it's more common to need to migrate fonts over as software, notably LibreOffice, has been removing support for the old fonts going forward.

It mentions how there were a lot of fonts — especially higher quality ones — only released in Type 1 that were never released in TrueType, as a lot of low quality fonts were released in TTF when the format first came out.

People need new fonts to open old documents.

@n8 I guess it depends on the original quality of the font and how good the conversion would be. And also how common it is for someone to have such an ancient font.

The @gnome lawsuit is over, and looks like a win for Free Software:

Sometimes the day does start with good news :blobcatcoffee:

@mairin There's a hosted solution to delete old posts on Mastodon:

There's a local tool to do the same too:

Meanwhile, there's a long-open issue on getting native support for expiring old posts as a built-in feature:

The Inkscape team kindly agreed to answer a bunch of my questions that you probably also want to know answers to: if the team still markets it as an SVG editor (yes and no), what their outlook for the development of the SVG specification is (seems cautious), whether they have plans for GUI work and future use of GPU (they do), whether they still plan paid development (undecided), and more.

It's just a few minutes past 8 PM and a standard German TV channel is showing off a curated collection of "dick pics". 🍆🖼️

@amydentata Cyberpunk 2077 consists of 97% genital customization and 12% Keanu Reeves.

@claudiom Pipewire has in in a few Fedora releases now.

It's used for a few things already, like enabling screen sharing in Wayland, both in Firefox and Chromium.

(Some devs at Red Hat have been working on this and it landed around a year ago, I think? And it has improved since.)

When is Firefox Nightly gonna show up on Flathub,,,

@amydentata The holodeck always has such realistic looking graphics. I wonder what it would be like if they had some different art styles.

For example: What would "Animal Crossing: The Next Generation" look like? How would people react?

@mray I'm using Inkscape 1.0 on Fedora 32 through the Flatpak from Flathub and have variable fonts working here. Oswald has a weight slider for me.

Kudos to @inkscape for releasing their GTK3 port before GTK4 is out.

GIMP devs, your move!

Rare photo of mother wrench feeding her hatchlings in the wild. Breathtaking

Finally published my blog post on how to configure fonts in Firefox on Linux. Hopefully it'll help someone else who may want to tweak which fonts web pages render.

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