Trying to get some sort of voice dictation on .

An idea was to switch from Wayland to X and use KDE Connect on an Android phone with Google's GBoard keyboard with voice typing, and GSConnect in GNOME.

It works... for the first letter of the first spoken word. I don't know why it isn't working more here. The normal keyboard works (except for swiping, oddly).

This person has it working though, so the idea is working for someone at least:

@nolan @paperdigits Yeah, it's weird. But people do love their OnePlus Ones, I guess?

Too bad about the maintainer for the 5T.

But as OnePlus just announced that the 5T won't get updates to Android 11 (cutoff is OnePlus 6), perhaps someone will step up? It's strage, as the 5T is a nice device and not that old yet.

Meanwhile, instructions on compiling LOS 17.1 on your own: (Not sure why the device isn't maintained, as this apparently works)

@paperdigits @nolan Or get a used OnePlus One. 😉 It keeps getting updates somehow. (It just got LineageOS 17.1!)

(Yeah, that's a downgrade. Just kidding around.)

@paperdigits @nolan I wish LineageOS would have recommended devices that support 17.1, have active maintainers, and are likely to get new versions. It would be nice to have categories like:

- Small / Medium / Large sizes
- Budget phones / Powerhouses
- Currently new / Discontinued by manufacturer (buy used)

(As far as size is concerned: Perhaps getting a relatively recent 17.1-supported Sony might be a decent option? I've heard Xperia Compacts are nice and small, around iPhone SE size.)

@nolan @paperdigits Same. I'm all about the new emoji. It's the best Google set since the blobs (and arguably better, as there are way more emoji overall now).

Emoji the one big feature of Android 11, right? 😉

@paperdigits Is Lineage on your 5T just 16.0? Or are you using an unofficial 17.1?

@nolan has a 5T but wants a phone that runs Lineage 17.1 @

@nolan I'm still using OxygenOS on my OnePlus 6T, but strongly considering switching back to LineageOS soon (which I ran on previous phones).

If/when I do, I'm happy to report back my findings. Everything is supposed to be supported, including the in-screen fingerprint reader. But it is a bit big and it's already 2 years old (somehow?!)

None of the Pixels are officially supported by Lineage (yet?) except for the original Pixel 1 and 1 XL. GrapheneOS supports the newer ones.

Both my #guadec 2020 talks have now been published on the YouTube channel. The first one is "Archaeology of Accessibility", in which I talk about the work I've been doing on #gtk in order to redesign the accessibility API:

The Legend of Zelda: Link in The Description

I'm still annoyed that they called it 'cadence of hyrule' and not 'legend of zeldance' :blobcatcool:

Linux, Fedora, conference, (it's free) 

Hey freedom-loving mastodonians! My #GUADEC presentation on Freelancing with Free Software is now on YouTube:

Check it out. #CreativeFreedom #ArtWithOpenSoruce

@paperdigits There's no grocery list app that:
- autosyncs
- is easy to use

...Except Google Keep.

Everything else:
- often just on one phone only
- requires another app to sync (with its own setup and configuration)
- uses markdown or todo.txt formatting instead of actual UI
- is hard to interact with (strange UI, bad touch sizes, horrendous to look at)
- on f-droid: last updated 4 years ago, stuck in Ice Cream Sandwich era

I've tried looking for alternatives. Repeatedly.

@paperdigits @claudiom I have and use Nextcloud already.

There isn't really a good syncing grocery list app that's open source. Especially one I can convince my girlfriend to use. 😉

@paperdigits @claudiom Battery life of 36 hours sounds amazing. (I guess a *lot* of the battery goes to Google Play Services normally.)

@paperdigits @claudiom Oh awesome about Lineage on the 5T.

The one sticking point I have: To be able to run (*sigh*) Niantic games like Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite. My girlfriend and I play those. We also keep a shared grocery list in Google Keep. So I guess I'd need Magisk to hide things from the games. And probably offical gapps for all of those things.

I otherwise mainly use F-Droid and FOSS apps when I can (including Firefox instead of Chrome), even on OxygenOS.

David Tennant's mortal enemy, David Landlord,

@claudiom Same. That's been my stance too.

I've been reevaluating switching to Lineage due to the lack of timely security updates and the removal of features that are in stock (such as dark mode with a toggle and auto-switching).

And then the random slowdowns (thankfully worked around with a screen lock and unlock) and weird, but rare heatups lately are nudging me closer to Lineage.

If anything like the Facebook issue is included in and update to 11, I'll definitely switch.

Critics of Big Tech are often told, “If you don’t like the company, don’t use its products.”
Last year, @kashhill tried — really tried — to do just that. It wasn't possible.

@claudiom I've been considering switching my OnePlus 6T over to Lineage (away from OxygenOS).

Have you switched roms or are still on OxygenOS too?

(I guess I should even ask if you're still on the same phone. 😁)

As OnePlus should be showing off / formally announcing updates to Android 11 on the 10th, I may wait and see what happens then before switching anyway. 🤷

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