> Do you know how many of these 400 bug reports were actually platform-specific? 3. Literally only 3 things were problems that came out just on Linux. The rest of them were affecting everyone

@mray On the plus side, Audacity has some nice improvements already and more on the way.

The Flatpaks and Linux distro versions don't call home, so it's not a huge problem on Linux... except for the CLA for developers.

But it's still an issue for Windows and macOS, of course. Having not-official builds for Win/Mac would be a valuable effort.

I wonder if some of the forks will fold and go this rebuild direction instead?

wasted an evening figuring out why trees were rendering too big in this game; turns out they were using log scaling

Liberty without equity is privilege.

Liberation without equity is oppression.

Meta / Trump instance / fediverse 

Are we done patting ourselves on the back for a job well done blocking an instance that hasn't even gone live yet? I wish the fediverse on the whole was this vocal while instances full manipulative cliques of "problematic favs" were busying themselves with bullying off a bunch of Black users like it was nothing, or causing some users to feel they need to make their presence smaller to survive without being harassed. 1/2

I might've ordered a Pixel 6 Pro. 🤔

Having a pretty good camera in my pocket sounds great to me. (I can't always bring my Fuji everywhere.)

And my current phone (OnePlus 6T) usually works fine, but has intermittent hardware issues. (Sometimes it freezes and doesn't boot, which is rare, but happens. And the camera suddenly stops working, which is more common. And the battery is less great than it used to be, but that's expected.)

And mobile FOSS Linux phones are a dream, but not dailies, yet.

@claudiom ☕☕☕ cold, old coffee is better than no coffee at all! ☕☕☕

@gamey The devs are definitely interested in optimizing WebKit for lower powered devices. WebKitGTK has a WPE port @

So perhaps it'll get better over time? Not sure, really.

I guess people generally run Firefox with userChrome.css overrides? The source is at: (it should work on all mobile Linux distros)

For PostMarketOS, it's in the mobile-config-firefox package, which should be installed by default.

@gamey @gabmus Ugh, that is sad. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Meanwhile, I wonder how well Epiphany works on the just-announced PinePhone Pro.

Still, having optimization where WebKitGTK works better everywhere, especially on the original PinePhone and also Librem 5, would be hugely beneficial. Hopefully it's happen. (I do happen to know devs working on it and improving the performance, but it's a big task for sure.)

@danrabbit (I'm specifically thinking about Chrome and Brave in flatpaks from Flathub. Firefox too, to a lesser degree, but getting Firefox fixed is more possible than Chrome, most likely.)

@danrabbit Browsers are probably noncompliant (and might be more difficult to get changed overall) and have notifications. Some people might use browser notifications on web apps, especially web-based messaging type web apps.

@gabmus @gamey Hardware acceleration actually is a runtime variable these days, and enabling it in GNOME Web / Epiphany makes the browser perform so much better (at least on Intel GPUs).

You can find it in dconf-editor.


gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany.web:/ hardware-acceleration-policy 'always'

(By default it's 'on-demand', which means it is only enabled when there are 3D transformations.)

@n8 @mairin If you don't want desktop packages, consider Fedora CoreOS.

You could even overlay a few packages it doesn't come with that you want.

It's minimal by default and self-updates, so you just set it up and use it without fuss.

You'd probably want to adjust the update finalization strategy, however:

@asonix When I was considering upgrading my ARM server a year or so ago, I considered all the ARM boards, including the Raspberry Pi 4.

I was burned by lack of upstream kernel and distro support in the past with other ARM boards (old incarnations of my home server) and "sidegraded" (really: upgraded due to software support) to the Pi 4 as it could run Ubuntu.

I switched to Fedora (which I use on my work & personal laptops, especially as I work @ Red Hat) when it gained support for the Pi 4.

@asonix Here's the output of `uname -a` on my Raspberry Pi 4 running Fedora 35 IoT:

Linux Snow 5.14.9-200.fc34.aarch64 #1 SMP Thu Sep 30 11:39:46 UTC 2021 aarch64 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux

(There's a kernel update too; I need to reboot. Just showing it's Fedora's most recent Linux kernel.)

I'm using it as a server. There are aarch64 builds of Workstation too… and even CoreOS and Silverblue as of Fedora 35 (which is beta, but almost officially released). These should probably work on it too.

A caveman with no direction in life is a meanderthal

tech dystopia 

"if you don't have any of these you're not a real person"

Thinking about putting together a remote-terminal-only laptop. For going hog-wild with Byobu/Tmux on some of my remote boxes via SSH & Tor.

I'm guessing that a Chromebook-class device is the best fit there; even the official software builds include a terminal app. So long as long as there's not weird restrictions down in there somewhere about storing keys and whatnot.

Maybe there's other gotchas, though? Like needing browser stuff for network config? Anybody been down this road already?

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