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Garrett LeSage

This may actually be a good time to appreciate services like


for setting up your own instance with the help of an experienced sys-admin. You get the domain you want, and you can build your own community and invite your friends.

@theoutrider The Thumber demo in VR was amazing.

But it was more than enough for me. I decided not to buy because of exactly this. (But it was really neat and I enjoyed it still.)

Helpful kitty batting away your issues! :3

@hergertme I think I'm only following you from two accounts (main and one I don't use; the third account isn't following anyone, IIRC).

So you should still have a good amount of followers here.

Besides, it's all about quality, not necessarily quantity, right? 😉

New article up on!

How to create camera noise profiles for darktable

Andreas Schneider walks through producing a noise profile for your camera to use in darktable (with their Profiled Denoise module). It's not as hard as you might think it is! :)

#FOSS #FreeSoftware #artwithopensource #darktable #photography

PSA: Usability testing works.

We found a bunch of stuff to fix, and a lot of it was either super important, or just low hanging fruit.

Watch people use your stuff, it helps!

Watching "Army of Darkness" for the first time ever.

@bentosmile Web-Boy is an alternate alternate universe's Spider-Man, starring 🅱eter 🅱arker

@theoutrider @Auriel & I saw a show over the weekend where the lady kept talking about "pulled pork", but pronounced it in 100% German way each time.

wikipedia giving me the unregistered shareware version of the sistine chapel

I'm writing a guidebook for activism.

Dear world,
is online.

My insurance company hasn't paid my disability this year.
I'm being evicted.
I'm trying to somehow produce enough benefit to the community that people can risk spending their money, right now, to help me out.

Please share this with others, and on other social networks.

Good activism tools help us all.
Help me stay alive, please?
#pdx #activism #opensource

I knew it would be this video before I clicked. But I still clicked. And enjoyed it. 🦕👾🚀🌌

(I think we jokingly talked about changing our last names to ✨Sparkles✨.)

Browser extension like "cloud to butt", but "hipster to hamster".

Example: "Oh, THAT coffee shop? It's always full of hamsters."