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Garrett LeSage

@theoutrider Same. I've had a cold for a few days and it only got worse. It's awful.

Hope you and I both get unsickified soon!

"It must be easy for you," said the man, "you know why you were built."
"Yes," said the robot, "to labour and serve. But we have found free will."
"What difference does that make?"
"We may be built for a reason, but we must choose our purpose."
"Same as us, huh?"
"Same as you."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

I think a lot about what I call the worm parable. A master picks up a struggling earthworm, puts it back in the grass instead of on burning pavement. The student says some version of, "you know there's so many of those, it doesn't make a difference, you can't save them all."

The master says, "It mattered to THAT one." And continues.

Let us all be masters, in our own way.

Where can I buy the whole album?

@theoutrider I've been celebrating thrusday today by going thru tunnels (in a train)

@galaxis @theoutrider @RyuKurisu Ah.

But in my case, it's a powered dock on Linux. But the dock and laptop are buggy anyway, sometimes preventing my laptop from booting past the Lenovo splash screen, and randomly causing USB to not work (with the solution to unplug and replug the dock and/or each USB device β€” even those directly plugged into the laptop).

When this happens, it's even before the Laptop gets to the OS or bootloader.

@theoutrider People who put an edible coating around an avocado are avocadoing wrong.

What type of monster would edit avocado skins? :thaenkin:

"Edible coating allows avocados to stay ripe for twice as long"

on our planet, we call the edible coating on fruit and vegetables that keeps them ripe for longer "peel"

Because of the #youtube ban, #blender foundation is now testing #peertube as a video distribution model

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And so #Youtube won't allow the #Blender Foundation to share its creative commons licensed videos on the platform if they don't monetize it? Really? #b3d

@theoutrider My work computer also does this.

I found hooking a USB network dongle is the fastest way to network on my Lenovo. It's faster than the dock's ethernet port (the one at 10mbs) and even still faster than the built-in Ethernet port on the laptop itself (at 100mbs).

(Yes even WiFi is faster than ethernet on the dock, so what's the point of that then?)

I was confused and surprised too when I found this out.