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Garrett LeSage

Found a "tacos" restaurant in Dresden.



🤔 :thaenkin: :thinkhappy:

@ted I wonder if there's an actual working keyboard that looks like a waffle too.

@theoutrider You have to keep watching Star Trek Discovery. It's infectious. 😉

fav if you hate golf

boost if you think golf courses should be turned into public housing or be environmentally rehabilitated to their natural ecological state

ignore if you hate golf but are also a coward

so why is Pinafore interesting?

It is super lightweight. It seriously runs on a potato.

It also allows you to log into multiple Mastodon servers at the same time and to switch between them in a single UI:

Went to go register -- and it's available!

Hmm, $2,800 per year isn't worth it. Not that funny.

Flatpak 1.0 is out! I did the video together with Simon who does amazing sound things.

@aral Ah, yeah HiDPI is sadly an issue with Inkscape right now. 😔 I have the same issue with my personal laptop's HiDPI screen.

My own workarounds are using my external standard monitor and (more relevant for you) changing the screen resolution to half in each direction for an Inkscape session.

Hopefully Inkscape will just fix it in a future release. 😐

@aral Inkscape is quirky but really good once you get used to it.

(But, really, every pro creation app is quirky in its own way. You basically need to spend time to learn the keybindings and quirks for each.)

Also, there's It seems promising. There's a flatpak for it too, if you don't want to resort to the website each time.

@aral If a theme isn't pulled in my default, then a "flatpak update" in a terminal should fix it at least, provided the current theme is also packaged.

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We have just done source code release of @GIMP 2.10.6 with vertical text, async layer preview rendering, new filters, usability improvements, bugfixes, and more changes. Builds for Windows and macOS are a work in progress, will be announced separately soon!

#FOSS #photography #artwithopensource #digitalart #FreeSoftware

Honestly it saddens me that there isn't more people talking about OpenToonz, and this fork in particular:

I was wondering "hey, why DON'T we have open source software for quality 2D animation"? -- except we *do* have it and not enough people know about it.

Here's an extended mockup of how Trumpet (which will rename to GNOME Social once I finish up the important bits) will look. There are a few things I don't have mockups of yet.

I still see the occasional person on Twitter say that Mastodon will never "succeed", but I wouldn't call what Twitter has "success". Mastodon is good ol' community building.

We don't want to be exhausted by brands and promotion, nor have the platform continue to be unethically designed and lack any backbone for moderation. Federation spreads out the moderation task and the lack of brands and promotional nonsense is good. We can just follow and talk with others which is all people really need.