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Found out about spiny red gurnards today.

They're a type of fish with wings that resemble a butterfly's and six legs that resemble a crab's. (Yes, a fish basically with wings and legs! 🀯)

I'm pretty sure all of the places on this list are pretty full of people already. Well, probably except for Google+. 😏

During my lunch break, I saw a guy in a light brown jacket with prominent, dark eyebrows; messy hair; and carrying a single, large leek in his bike's front basket.

He reminded me of a PokΓ©mon, in human form. Is that a bit too Farfetch'd?

Oh, I have a bit of time to play videogames tonight. Let me fire up the PS4 and...


Emoji advent calendars filled with emoji-shaped chocolate are a thing now, apparently

I was ALREADY sold on Super Mario Galaxy For the Switch.

(Please understand, Nintendo: we want to pet the habadashered hounds. πŸ™)

"What is love" is playing on the radio and even so many years later, I can't not think of the recurring SNL skit about two horrible guys in a club harassing women and how they even turned that into a movie somehow.

A Night at the Roxbury (1998)

is usually a battle of which color of ketchup is better, but they now also sometimes have mayo this weekend.

Team for the win!

Went to a corner kebab/pizza place near my hotel and ordered a sandwich. He asks me if I want chips and a softdrink too... and then added, "oh and we have bottles of water as well, if you don't want sugary stuff".

I replied, "Yes! Water! That would be ideal!"

He then heads me this...

Live stream of bears in the middle of a salmon run in Alaska (Brooks Falls - Katmai National Park)

Someone I follow on birdsite shared this comic, so I'm tooting it for friends over here with whom it may also resonate.

(It's from )

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