Our thermometer says it's 69% percent humidity and doesn't think it's nice. (It shows a sad face emoji for 69.)

Meanwhile, it's nice out, so what does it know?

Today's odd sighting: a pigeon walking around with a piece of cheese on its back, acting otherwise normal.

Our sunflowers look very inspired lately.

(We left them up because birds visit us. And we even saw a few birds visit us for the sunflowers this morning! 🌻🐦)

I opened up Firefox this morning and was met with a big "Butt".

It's a highlight of an article I saved last week about maintaining CSS. Near the top was an image of a styled "Button", which was truncated.

(As I work on the Cockpit project, I often also see "Cockpit" truncated to 4 letters too. :thaenkin:)

my toasted "bagel" and cream cheese

(sandwich "bread" is all I have around here at the moment)

Ah yes, the four Ninja Turtles:


Latest round of mostly looks like this:

"___ is not doing Allah is doing"

But it includes this gem:

"filesystem does not write without permission of allah"

then a co-worker jests:

"selinux is not doing. Allah is doing."

I've had USB-C devices of one sort or another for almost 3 years now. I've purchased cables and batteries and chargers.

I had a couple cables go out. So I decided to buy replacements.

They arrived today... and they're USB-A to C, not C to C.

Why does buying USB-C stuff _still_ have to be so difficult?

Here's a screenshot comparing cables. Which are USB-C to C?

(Answer: These basically the same cables, from the same manufacturer… but in different colors. And USB-C is actually USB 3.0 too.)

We've been sitting in the balcony, among all the plants, and an insect flew in and landed on the ceiling...

It's some type of beetle and has been there for at least half an hour now!


"Just" is really popular today. Apparently.

(Thanks for that info, Pocket...?)

I saw someone say Krita is on Mastodon now, but didn't link the account.

I've done a search in multiple clients and see that there are two accounts that look the same, both are krita @ mastodon.art.

Which is the real Krita?

(Attached a screenshot from Tusky for reference.)

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