na na, na na-na

Caught in a Batman dance

(to the tune of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance")

Being on the Cockpit project (cockpit-project.org/ a web UI for servers) team means that I get a lot of emails that are a bit rude when the subject line is truncated a bit too much... Whoops.

Apparently some folks have a community effort going to get the Windows 10 desktop working on a Raspberry Pi and even are cobbling together x86 emulation support?!

Birdsite link: twitter.com/NovaspiritTech/sta

I think it's based on worproject.ml/

Screenshot mirrored here.

@claudiom New Android 10 update for the 6T, BTW.

(I'm in Germany, and it supposedly rolls out here first for whatever reason. So, if you don't have it already, you should have it soon. Hopefully.)

Our thermometer says it's 69% percent humidity and doesn't think it's nice. (It shows a sad face emoji for 69.)

Meanwhile, it's nice out, so what does it know?

Today's odd sighting: a pigeon walking around with a piece of cheese on its back, acting otherwise normal.

Our sunflowers look very inspired lately.

(We left them up because birds visit us. And we even saw a few birds visit us for the sunflowers this morning! 🌻🐦)

I opened up Firefox this morning and was met with a big "Butt".

It's a highlight of an article I saved last week about maintaining CSS. Near the top was an image of a styled "Button", which was truncated.

(As I work on the Cockpit project, I often also see "Cockpit" truncated to 4 letters too. :thaenkin:)

my toasted "bagel" and cream cheese

(sandwich "bread" is all I have around here at the moment)

Ah yes, the four Ninja Turtles:


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