A new 2.9.8 release of @GIMP is now available (windows and macOS builds to follow)!


Have a look at some of the great new features (on-canvas gradient editing, clip warning, wayland support, paste in place, and more)!

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@patdavid @GIMP I really wish we had Flatpaks for all the tools, including the development versions.

It's a bit ironic that it's much easier to install a lot of the FOSS graohics tools and the dev versions of all on Windows and macOS than it is on Linux. 😐

Hopefully that will change soon.

(I wonder if we should start a thread on the forum about it and ask people to help out?)

@garrett @patdavid @GIMP
I don't think flatpak is a solution, there are major issues with that approach and I recommend checking two things to get better idea:
Talk at GUADEC by openSUSE chairman Richard Brown youtube.com/watch?v=SPr--u4n8X

And this blog post about importance of distribution maintainers:


@gutigen @patdavid @GIMP

1. What is a solution if not Flatpaks?

2. You are aware that since then Richard has been working on Kubic, which is an openSUSE implementation of the same idea that powers Fedora Atomic (versioned base OS), with Flatpaks on top for apps, right?

@garrett @patdavid @GIMP
Actually we talked about it with Richard at Linux Gaming Discord (link in my status) about it after his adventure with Kubic desktop, he still has some major issues with flatpaks, I'm sure he would love to address them if you'd contact him ;)

@gutigen @patdavid @GIMP Ah; assumed it was the GUADEC talk. Sorry. Thanks for the correction. I'll add it to my to-watch list.

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