It's been a while, but I finaly got Feeds to work on #gtk4 / #libadwaita, including a very fresh build of #webkit

I've spent some time ironing out some porting bugs, but so far it looks really good!

There's still a lot of work to do, plus probably refactoring some stuff, but it's finally coming together!

@gabmus You seem to have worked with WebkitGTK so I hope you are the right person to ask. Any idea why it's the slowest web engine on the Pinephone? I mean it's not the fastest on desktop ether but there has to be some Pinephone specific issue because as soon as you enable JS it gets close to unusable :/ Idk if it's Webkit or WebkitGTK specific tbh but I can confirm WPEWebkit works great while the GTK version doesn't.

@gamey Tipically when using webkitgtk you force disable hardware acceleration in the app (one way is via environment variables). This is because some GPUs (nvidia, go figure) have issues running with it.

It depends on the app tho.

The gtk4 branch of Feeds right now has acceleration enabled, and fortunately I have access to all major GPUs, so when I'm done porting it I can test it and verify if it's still a problem on gtk4.

@gabmus So Epiphany runs without hw acceleration by default? 🤔 Sounds like a bad idea for a browser tbh!

@gamey Actually recent ephy builds should have it enabled... I guess it also depends on the distribution, they could override it, but so can you. It should be a runtime variable, not a compile time one.


@gabmus @gamey Hardware acceleration actually is a runtime variable these days, and enabling it in GNOME Web / Epiphany makes the browser perform so much better (at least on Intel GPUs).

You can find it in dconf-editor.


gsettings set org.gnome.Epiphany.web:/ hardware-acceleration-policy 'always'

(By default it's 'on-demand', which means it is only enabled when there are 3D transformations.)

@garrett @gabmus Even with that it's absolutely unusable compared to Firefox or Angelfish :/ I am not sure why but WebkitGTK just works like dog shit on the Pinephone. I could imagine it having issues with OpenGL ES2 which as far as I know is the most up to date thing the Pinephones GPU can handle but it's sad ether way because a properly scaling and working browser is really needed.

@gamey @gabmus Ugh, that is sad. Hopefully it gets better soon.

Meanwhile, I wonder how well Epiphany works on the just-announced PinePhone Pro.

Still, having optimization where WebKitGTK works better everywhere, especially on the original PinePhone and also Librem 5, would be hugely beneficial. Hopefully it's happen. (I do happen to know devs working on it and improving the performance, but it's a big task for sure.)

@garrett The sad part is that most projects probably wont ever see optimizations for the Pinephone because OpenGL ES2 is not exactly the future. Let's hope Epiphany is not one of those cases but I have my doubts tbh and I can't even be really mad if I am honest to myself because I love Vulcan and without the Pinephone probably wouldn't even be aware that there are devices stuck on old OpenGL at all.

@gamey The devs are definitely interested in optimizing WebKit for lower powered devices. WebKitGTK has a WPE port @

So perhaps it'll get better over time? Not sure, really.

I guess people generally run Firefox with userChrome.css overrides? The source is at: (it should work on all mobile Linux distros)

For PostMarketOS, it's in the mobile-config-firefox package, which should be installed by default.

@garrett I am aware of WPEWebKit (used it with cog before) and it works great but I didn't know the WebKitGTK team had a eye on it. The issue with Firefox is that it's mobile config is just there to make the desktop version usable not mobile optimized by any stretch of the imagination and about PWAs with it, Mozilla killed that a while ago so all that's left is -kiosk :/ Purism uses Epiphany and while it's slow it dose work decent enough on the Librem5 so I fear Pinephone Phosh wont get much.

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