Honestly tempted to install LineageOS on my 6T again. I went back to OxygenOS a couple years ago because I needed Safetynet and google play services, but we don’t have Android 11 yet and now Android 12 is out.

@brainblasted Android 11 has finally just started rolling out for the OnePlus 6T.

You actually even need the official build's firmware for LineageOS to work properly in the past 3 weekly builds.

(LineageOS mostly works with the old firmware still, but charges super slowly until it's updated to stock's firmware in the Android 11 release.)

I know this as my partner got 11 on her stock 6T as an OTA a couple days ago & I've been running LineageOS on my 6T for around a year or so.

@garrett @brainblasted huh, hadn't noticed the charging issue... I wiped Oxygen the day I got my 6T 18 months or so ago... Any way to get the firmware without installing Oxygen?


@lightweight @brainblasted Yep, you can upgrade the firmware using the stock ROM without having to fully flash the stock ROM. (It's what I did too.)

Official instructions for the OnePlus 6T:

XDA thread:

@lightweight @brainblasted Stable 11. It's unhelpfully not listed on the official website yet.

@lightweight @brainblasted XDA has the official links to the official Android 11 builds of the OxygenOS stock ROM (before OnePlus oddly): xda-developers.com/oneplus-6-6

But the OTA rollouts for stock are officially happening, so it's just apathy or oversight from OnePlus, I guess?

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