Who's interested in participating in a libre-graphics "miniconf" at LCA in January?

You don't even have to fly to Australia this time (which could be a plus or a minus, I know; I gotta assume the people who miss flying that far in a plane can still go hang out at an airport for a couple days or something)



@n8 I'm always totally up for more LGM.

The timezone offset for Europe/UK is pretty brutal, however: worldtimebuddy.com/?qm=1&lid=2

To attend the whole conference when it streams would probably cause a lot of "netlag". 😁

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@n8 Catching the start/end and watching recordings of the rest would still be great!

@garrett I agree; to me the major benefit is for the local community. Someday in-person LCA will happen again, and it would be really great to cultivate local-event option for those who can't get to LGM, like we've done at SCALE and TXLF in the past. The online edition is an opportunity to prime that pump, since starting from zero is so hard.

@n8 💯

All the more reason LGM@LCA should definitely happen. Excellent point.

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