I see #OnePlus is pushing down an unwanted app to my #OnePlus6T with their latest update.. Let's see if I can remove it. If not, then I'm pretty much done with OnePlus for future #Android phone purchases. 🙅🏻‍♂️ #crapware

@claudiom Good luck finding another major brand that doesn't rely on installing bloatware on any "smart" device (phone, tablet, notebook, TV, car...)!

To me it seems like they "have" to do it, because they don't earn anything from pure hardware sells alone.

When it comes to phones, the only option you have is (unless you don't want to unlock BL and root) going with an offside brand like Fairphone, Shiftphone or for something completely different like Pinephone or Librem.

@RAPXT Good thing I already have a PinePhone, but it really is far from usable in my opinion beyond fringe use.

There are the Android ROMs like /e/ and LOS, so those are options down the road for my 6T. That being said, @garrett mentioned that support in the mainline kernel for the 6T exists now, which is a good thing.

@claudiom @RAPXT BTW, /e/ has issues & deliberately ships closed source apps. (More than blobs that must be shipped to enable hardware functionality.)

Additionally, it's a fork based on old versions of LineageOS, so security can be an issue. (If not already, then soon, depending on each device.)

Some of the issues are brought up here in detail: uk.pcmag.com/motorola-moto-z-p

Meanwhile, lineage.microg.org/ exists for LineageOS + microG (FOSS Google services).

@garrett Ah, that's good to know about /e/. It looked promising to me, but I guess your points diminish that for me. @RAPXT

@claudiom @garrett /e/ is not really a good option considering there are better alternatives out there like aforementioned GrapheneOS or CalyxOS.

We have some promising projects going like the PinePhone or Librem (and also UBtouch). Let's hope that they keep on developing (and get big financial support) and (hopefully) someday become a viable alternative to android.

@RAPXT @garrett Regarding the PinePhone, if Plasma Mobile could work out the kinks on that phone, it would be perfect. Phosh works better, but it's still a bit of a kludge in comparison.

@garrett @claudiom Well /e/ didn't really recreate the wheel, so...

There are so many launchers anyway (even in the FOSS-world), that everyone should find their right one.

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