I see #OnePlus is pushing down an unwanted app to my #OnePlus6T with their latest update.. Let's see if I can remove it. If not, then I'm pretty much done with OnePlus for future #Android phone purchases. 🙅🏻‍♂️ #crapware

@claudiom Good luck finding another major brand that doesn't rely on installing bloatware on any "smart" device (phone, tablet, notebook, TV, car...)!

To me it seems like they "have" to do it, because they don't earn anything from pure hardware sells alone.

When it comes to phones, the only option you have is (unless you don't want to unlock BL and root) going with an offside brand like Fairphone, Shiftphone or for something completely different like Pinephone or Librem.

@RAPXT Good thing I already have a PinePhone, but it really is far from usable in my opinion beyond fringe use.

There are the Android ROMs like /e/ and LOS, so those are options down the road for my 6T. That being said, @garrett mentioned that support in the mainline kernel for the 6T exists now, which is a good thing.

@claudiom @RAPXT While I'm hoping my next phone can eventually be a (non-Android) Linux one, realistically, it'll probably be a Google Pixel of some sort, running GrapheneOS, CalyxOS, or LineageOS.

(I'm running LineageOS on my OnePlus 6T now, but GrapheneOS and CalyxOS both look interesting and mainly require a Pixel.)

@garrett @claudiom It's kinda sad, that you get the best security and privacy possible ONLY if you buy Google smartphones.

For this decade I wish to see Linux smartphones with an usable (not clunky) way to use the smartphone in "desktop mode" with an external display + bluetooth mouse/keyboard. That could replace my PC to 90% as I'm only surfing the web most of the time.


@RAPXT @claudiom Right now, for a usable smartphone that's secure and relatively private, it's (in order):

1. Google Pixel with a custom security focused ROM, but without Google Play Services
2. Apple iPhone
3. A few Android phones with some ROMs
4. Google Pixel
5. Other Android phones with other ROMs
?. Samsung
??. Most of the rest of the big ones
???. Unknown phones from brands that are often hard to pronounce or spell

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@garrett @claudiom Yeah, nice. The top two places are held by companies so well known for respecting your (privacy) rights 😄

We urgently need more open source (Hardware & Software) alternatives. I'm so sick of this proprietary bullshit, full of security flaws and backdoors (we know of thanks to Edward Snowden).

@RAPXT @garrett I do have to say that Mobian with Phosh does make the PinePhone quite usable, but it's not as elegant as iOS or Android (and Android derivs). I'd have to try making calls one day with it, but that means switching my SIM over to the PinePhone which I can't practically do right now.

@RAPXT @claudiom 💯 agree.

I'm also looking forward to the emerging non-Google, non-Apple smart device ecosystem based on FOSS (and open hardware where possible).

@garrett @RAPXT @claudiom Realme & Poco have some decently spec'd and good looking phones for cheap and are able to be bootloader unlocked. The budget market has been amazing the last couple years.
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